Why Is My Hair Curly Underneath

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If its throughout the day it might just be sweat or something. My hair there is really short and kinky even though my hairs long.

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If you always brushrakecomb your hair from the roots down with your brush facing downwards its always the outside halo layer of your hair thats damaged the most.

Why is my hair curly underneath. You see the gene for curly hair is not completely dominant. Straight hair emerges from a round follicle while oval and twisted oval follicles create wavy and curly hair. Unsurprisingly all of our hair problems were typical problems.

But if thats not the case thats just how your hair is. This change to your hair can be initiated by many factors such as genetics lifestyle and stress. With that in mind I had my curly friends send me their hair struggles and their best methods to fix them and we sat down to discuss.

The reason is that the curl clump may have been cut at a length just before it start to loop into a curl. Curly hair is a bit more delicate than straight hair and the tighter the curl or coil the more fragile the strand. It starts with your genetics.

I really dont know what to do and would love help. Damage Heat damage and damage from hair colouring can drastically loosen your curls. Curls generally need a little extra love and its important to know how to do.

For a shorter do try an asymmetrical bob where the back is shorter than the front. Brushing causes damage and breakage to your hair. It can remain dormant until activated and then it changes the shape of the hair follicle which changes the hair that grows from it.

I believe the under hair is just a lot more delicate and therefore didnt take too well to the years of straightening though not. There are several reasons for your hair to be straight at the top and curly at the bottom The first reason is you may have mixed hair type naturally you may have the combination of straigh and curly hair textures these textures are due to genetics The next reason is top layers are exposed a lot they are exposed more to chemicals that you. But in some cases if you go too short it can cause your hair to almost look straight.

Possibly anything from over washing too much heat styling changing hair colors too often or just not knowing how to properly care for it. Is there any way to make all. Answered October 4 2019 Author has 55 answers and 613K answer views.

My hair is halfway down my back when its straight so it is crazy noticeable. I LOVE how the curls look but its masked by the top layer. The other consideration is that the very.

In case it helps I have thick hair that is wavy at the top and curly at the bottom and my bangs are really frizzy. My hair is like that too in the back underneath layer. Cancer patients who have undergone chemotherapy often find that their formerly straight hair grows back in curly.

Theres a possibility that the straighter hair on top is damaged by heat and exposure to the elements in which case I would recommend deep conditioning to add moisture back to your hair. The thicker the hair. This may be due to the fact that chemo has an affect on rapidly growing cells including hair follicles.

It could be damaged. My hair is straight on top and curly underneath. But with mine the under hair starts off curly or at least wavy and then as the day goes on or my 2nd day hair the underneath is straight.

You mentioned that your curls came back and this is normal too as you age and hormones in your body change your hair will too. The shorter back gives the straighter hairs underneath incredible movement and more freedom to curl while. Internet It is said to be very normal when you have both a mix of curl patterns on your head as it starts with each persons genetics 1.

The bottom layer of my hair is half the length of the hair on top. Lots of people twiddle their hair as a nervous tic and it is usually those longer underneath layers that end up between your fingertips Kingsley says. I know that the ponytails I usually wear caused it but Im not wearing tight ponytails anymore and my hair is still breaking off on the bottom.

When jolted by the chemo the follicle changes temporarily but will eventually return to its regular shape. The thickness of hair is also contingent on the follicle size. I straighten it so I suggest that you try and do what you can to get one.

I have a layer of hair that is always less curly maybe a 2a underneath but my hair underneath is more of a 2c3a i was thinking about getting leyers if they would help or going curly girl. I also flip my hair from one side part to another a lot so that may be whats messing with it. You should know that the gene which determines curly hair is not totally dominant.

My hair is straight on top and curly on bottom Source.

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