Why Does My Hair Look Stringy

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Stringy hair is caused by too much sebum the natural oil of the scalp on the hair shaft. DO NOT use a plastic comb on dry hair.

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I dont know why.

Why does my hair look stringy. I would use a very lightweight volumizing shampooconditioner and mouse since your hair is so fine. Most clients will think it just needs a bit of hair styling product to bring it back to life but this practice actually compromises the health of the hair significantly. At this point the problem is likely protein.

Why does my hair feel so stringy. After bleaching my hair I found it to be quite stringy looking and elasticy whilst wet. Layering more products on already weak hair will weigh it down causing it to look stringy.

Fine hair and oily hair. They use only oils for styling oil or butter heavy products as styling creams. And even though genetics determines a lot about the volume of your hair there are certain styling errors that could be causing it to look and feel thinner.

This sebum makes the hair stick together causing it to resemble strands of string. Youre using the wrong brushes. I also feel like my curls arent clumping well and look stringy.

My question is I feel like my roots are dry or tough or like they get stuck in a certain position when Im air drying and then you can see my scalp and my hair looks so weird because he roots are all out of whack. Fine hair becomes easily tangled and separated resulting in a stringy appearance. Hey so i have a question.

When my hair did eventually dry out. Your hair is STILL stringy. I have pretty thick hair its not really thick but its not thin and when i straighten it it looks stringy.

The build-up of heavy buttery oil products filled with silicone starts to take its toll on your hair. He hasnt said anything yet so I guess Im good for now. Do you think i should try a cheaper flat iron.

This affects your hairs ability to form curls and your guess is as good as mine. Because a full ponytail for me is the same general thickness as someone elses pigtail Im hyperaware of practices that make hair look thin and stringyAs a result I spend a good chunk of my. Describing the condition it was in is tough I hope that made at least some sort of sense.

Plastic will make your hair more staticky whereas a metal comb wont since metal is conductive. I was afraid I would have to cut it back to make the stringy-ness go away. Staticky hair happens when electrons which are negatively-charged fly off your hair leaving your strands with positive charges that resist each other.

The curls end up looking stringy and defeated. Stringy hair is caused by two main factors. My husband loves my long hair and Ive asked to him to tell me when this style starts to look too young for me or when my hair begins to look stringy or damaged.

Stringy hair is a common issue for people with fine or thin hair with a straight or wavy texture since its easier for the natural oils to travel down the hair shaft. Hair has low elasticity. It has been an issue I think about but I agree with Vicki and the other women.

Oils NOT EQUAL TO moisture. Fortunately there are a few things that you can do to cure stringy hair. Your hair is either coarse and doesnt wantneed much protein applied to it or its on the mediumfine side and has just had ENOUGH protein to last you a while before it starts craving it again.

How to Get Rid of Oily Hair adds that when it comes to straightening your hair the straighter your hair the closer the iron lies to your scalp causing oil to come into easier contact with your locks This will lead to an increased amount of grease on your hair which will make it look even stringier. So im using a Sedu. Oils butters and silicones This is the topmost reason I see when readers come to me with the issue of stringy waves.

When I first wash and blow dry it it looks decent as if there is some life to it but within an hour it looks so flat so lifeless. These should help to keep the cuticle layer of your hair smooth and allow the hair to avoid any natural tendency to clump into strands if that is the problem. I am not sure if I may need to.

Sounds like your natural wave pattern in the back is grouping your very loose curls together as the day progresses could be caused by sweat oil production or like Janelle suggested too heavy of a conditioner or not fully getting it rinsed out. Is the straightener im using to strong for my hair. The key is to address whatever issues are causing the breakage or to find a proper length for your hair to be that will allow you to have the look you want.

My hair doesnt look dirty or limp but it does separate into strings. Dull and limp hair is a sign of protein deficiency. Unfortunately you cant do away with hair products.

I have pretty straight hair but my hair sometimes gets weird and i want to straighten it to make it look straight. It got to the point where if I tugged on my wet hair it would just dissolve into my finger. Excessive oils coat the individual hair strands furthering the appearance of separateness and sparseness.

My husbands is the same way except that his separates into 3 or 4 clumps of curls which can look pretty odd if he doesnt constantly comb it out. B Im afraid however that you may be experiencing either the limit of your hairs natural growth cycle or else you are experiencing breakage in your hair from styling stress. Can anyone recommend a product or products that can help memy hair looks and feels stringyalmost straw-like.

It looked quite mushy and gummy.

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