Why Do Africans Braid Their Hair

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The hair is the most elevated part of the body and was therefore considered a portal for spirits to pass through to the soul. That hinders your freedom.

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In Yoruba culture in West Africa people braided their hair to send messages to the gods.

Why do africans braid their hair. Both men and ladies in Africa braided their hair until civilization stepped in and it became more in ladies than in men. It symbolized ones family background social status spirituality tribe and marital status. Nigerian women arent the only west African women who braid their hair.

Why did Viking braid their hair. In many African tribes braided hairstyles were a unique way to identify each tribe. In slavery many Africans brought back the braids both as a way to stay connected to their heritage and to assert their independence.

They like red and use this color to dye their hair. Cornrows were named for their visual similarity to cornfields. KnowYourCaribbean shares that many African women braided rice or seeds into their hair before journeying the Middle Passage on their way to enslavement or braided it into their childrens hair before separation so that they could eat.

The Massai belong to South Kenya and Tanzania. Many African women braided rice or seeds into their hair before journeying the Middle Passage on their way to enslavement or braided it into their childrens hair before separation between. The Miango women cover their braids with scarves and decorate with leaves.

But it was not without improvisation. The style can be traced back some 5000 years in African culture according to Ntombomzi Lekgoro a hairstylist in South Africa. But according to me this tradition must have originated due to following reason.

Hair was also a symbol of fertility. Generally African origin people have very thick and curly hair. Members of royalty wore elaborate hairstyles as a symbol of their stature.

As early as the 15th century different tribes used hair to show ones social hierarchy. She told CNN that both women and men used to braid their hair — and. Well not all black people braid their hair tight Im black and Im really tender headed and My mom dont braid my hair tight some times she braid my hair i dont really like getting my hair braided because Im tender headed so i really like to wear my hair out because I have long african american hair or I would either put it a bun if Im just chilling in the house.

African ladies enjoy braiding their hairs right from the olden days to this. Why Are You Trying to Limit Freedom Maybe youre stuck on the idea that if youre a white person you cant wear your hair a certain way. People with tightly coiled hair will often keep our hair stretched either through heat braiding or threading done more by Africans than African Americans.

Many African women braided rice or seeds into their hair before journeying the Middle Passage on their way to enslavement or braided it into their childrens hair before separation so that. Because of the amount of time it can take people often would take the time to socialize. The style also fit with the requirement that their hair be neat and tidy while working on plantations.

The boys who are entering the stage of youth spend hours or days to have their hair braided. And as big fan of liberation I get why that feels fucked up. Africans wore these tight braids laid along the scalp as a representation of agriculture order and a civilized way of life.

Braid patterns and hairstyles were an indication of a persons tribe age marital status wealth power and religion. Its your hair and you should be able to do whatever you want with it. The short simple answer is because our hair is so heavily textured.

Also Africa is dominantly hot continent. Braiding was and is a social art. The men usually braid their hair and stiffen it with animal dung.

The majority of women in West Africa wear braids. Black peoples hair can grow as long as anyone of any race but if you look closely it the hair you will notice most of the hair is really curly it looks almost like a string this makes the hair look. Africans braided their hair in those days in response to their classes marital status age grades traditions religions ceremonies and rituals.

These women come from Guinea Liberia who many Africans know for being good at doing hair Ghana and Sierra Leone to name a few. To the Vikings in Viking Age Short hair was associated with servitude and lower class Long hair belonged to the higher social classes in both women and men Braiding is a way to manage the long hair of higher social classes. So when they braid their hair lots of partitions are created which allows the air or breeze to reach their scalp thus makes them feel cool.

Also Nigerian women do not represent all West African women.

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