What To Do With Frizzy Curly Hair

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Seal in moisture with the combo of conditioner and hair oil to help stop frizzy hair in its tracks and then for styling curly hair get the right hair tools and be careful with heat. If you do have to use your hair dryer do it with a diffuser on cold air mode.

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Basically take necessary precautions and do damage recovery deep condition when youre ready to wash your hair next.

What to do with frizzy curly hair. I am 50 and I have fine color treated hair. Using a curlingde-frizz serum repeat step two while your hair is completely wet. Cover your hair with a shower cap or plastic wrap and apply heat by sitting in the sun using a hot towel or using your blow dryer.

Try different application methods with your styling products on wet hair. Apply the hot oil treatment of choice to clean towel-dried hair. Frizzy Hair Care Tips.

Define frizz with a good curl cream or gel Curls are naturally drier and in turn naturally more prone to frizz. Hair masks are a great way to infuse your hair with moisture. Instead Thevenot recommends drying your hair in a towel turban to prevent friction frizz.

Regular terry towels rid the hair of too much moisture and ruffle the hair cuticle resulting in dry frizzy curls. The Secret to My Big Curly Hair. Hot Oil Treatments Are Another Option for Dry Frizzy Hair They are simple to do at home and infuse frizzy hair with moisture and shine.

Ironically some professional hair treatments such as coloring and relaxing may also lead to frizzy hair if you. Light layers cut throughout the hair give definition to curly hair. Go for an overnight hair mask and wrap up your hair to avoid messy and frizzy hair.

If you see frizz in your wet hair add more water andor conditioner. If you want to use a blow-dryer or straighten it. Heat can damage curly hair and make it frizzy.

You will disperse the heat and make it less intense. Heat styling curly hair Most stylists will recommend that you let curly hair air dry because using a blow-dryer can make it frizzy and damage it. Your hair should feel soft like seaweed and clump well while applying styling products.

Curls need deep moisture hair treatments at least once a week. For curly hair thats dry and frizzy let it grow as long as possibleat least two to three inches past your shouldersto weigh strands down. You can also reduce friction by.

You can learn how to do this and what a diffuser is in this post. Ditch the Terry Towel. First cleanse with a sulfate-free frizzy curly hair shampoo.

With curly hair you should be applying your styling products to soaking wet or really damp hair. To keep your hair defined rake and squeeze a dollop of curl cream through your. Its a common belief in the curly hair community that co-washingor washing with conditioner onlyis the way to go.

Moisture is the number-one way to stop frizz and as youll see a lot of the tips on this list have to do with increasing moisture to maintain smoothness and shine. Take small sections of your hair into your hand and scrunch it upwards. If you have to blow dry your hair try attaching a diffuser to your hair dryer.

The problem with frizzy hair is that its dry. This will prevent tangles and frizz. I have been weaving blonde streaks added sparingly to my curly frizzy hair over the years and I have been starting now to cover the gray.

Do this over and over until it starts to hold in place. Also when you do straighten use a heat protecting serumcream and dont use high heat. Have your stylist cut the ends of your hair at a slight angle instead of cutting straight across.

Treat your hair with an overnight hair mask. When I would blow dry and smoothflatten it out if there was no humiduty or rain it would last up to 3 days with little touch up and would look pretty. Then condition your hair.

Frizz is often caused by your dry hair trying to absorb moisture from another source like humidity in the air. Many believe that shampooing is actually not great for curls because the majority of shampoos contain sulfates which rob the hair of moistureimportant for frizz-free curls. To remove excess water after washing curly hair needs something a little less harsh like the Bouclème Curl Towel.

Rubbing a towel aggressively against your hair disrupts the cuticle. Water is a basic response to this basic problem Eeyerlin suggests wetting your hands then finger-combing to tackle frizz and tame tangles. Keep your hair hydrated by using some great moisturizing hair mask that will prevent opening up of the hair cuticle and letting in the moisture.

This will reduce frizz. Apply your favorite hair products and thermal hair protectant you should be using a heat protectant any time you use heat tools on your delicate curls to protect hair from damage. For curly hair consider asking your stylist for a dry cut to help control volume.

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