What Size Flexi Rods To Use For Loose Curls

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Also there are several procedures in wrapping a Flexi rod. These should be used on wet detangled hair to get the best look especially tighter-coiled textures.

The Difference Between A Flexi Rod Set And A Perm Rod Set Youtube

Flexi rods come in different diameters to achieve various sized curls.

What size flexi rods to use for loose curls. Hey dolls in this video I show you how to get your flexi rods to look like wand curls aka heatless wand curls. Pink rods are the smaller mid-size perm rods suitable for making tight curls in medium-length hair or looser curls in short hair. Whether youre using flexi rods on short natural hair or longer strands the process is the same.

Natural hair needs little prior preparation before. Flexi rods are easy to use on dry or wet hair and produce a multitude of results depending on the size hair moisture and length of time you leave them in. As the size increases the curls become looser and farther.

Dont forget to like comment subscribe. Purchase flexi rods online from a hair supply store or from a hair salon. Use flexi rods which are 38 in diameter for tight curls.

Jumbo flexi rods are usually purple or blue and give a wavy look to the hair. Also plan on using less hair on each rod. If you want a tight curl red long thin flexi rods are your best bet.

They give consistent sleek bouncy spiral curls although it may take some time getting used to them with their odd shape. Step 5 When wrapped twist the flexi rod and then crimp the end. You should choose a size based on your hair length and the size of the spirals youre looking to create.

The shape and structure of the Flexi Rods allow you to twist and turn them in in in in in in in in in in in any direction in your hair to get your desired shape. While more space between them on the rods will give you a looser more wavy result. How To Use Flexi Rods On Natural Hair.

Now you can see which flexi rod to use to create which curl. We tested out 6 different sized flexi rods from 78 to 38 and compared the curls for your reference. While orange and sometimes grey rods help achieve a medium sized curl.

But if you prefer loose curls then go for rods that are 716 in diameter. If you have straight hair and wish for a loose curled or wavy hairdo then cut short on the hair setting lotion. Twist and wrap the hair around the rod moving up towards the roots.

Like the classic twist out a flexi rod style can last for multiple days if you protect the resulting curls in your sleep and keep your hair moisturized. If you are going for a tighter curl you are going to want to use a skinnier flexi rod like a 05-inch size. Then wrap the hair up in the flexi rod all the way to your roots.

If you have short hair and wonder what size your flexi rod should be. The smallest flexi rod is typically 78 inch 22 cm and larger rods can go all the way up to 38 inch 095 cm. Take a section of loose hair and place a flexi rod at the tip.

Today Im gonna show you how to get big heatless bouncy curls with flexi rods. The quickest and easiest flexi rod set technique for all hair types especially those with with thick frizzy hair. Give it a try if youre not usually a fan.

Flexi rods are long flexible cushioned rods designed to create spiral curls without pins clips or pain. By simply wrapping your hair around the flexi rod and bending the flexi rod so that the hair holds you can create gorgeous long-lasting curls with zero damage from heat tools. Working with the latter two are my personal preference because they mold a beautiful spiral and my curls tend to last longer.

Use thin flexi rods for really tight curls or use thick flexi rods for looser curls. For shorter hair smaller rods are best. For a looser look aim.

For instance just like on a curling iron the more closely you wrap the strands on the rod the tighter the curl. Use smaller rods for small tight curls and bigger rods for larger curls. Choose pink or gray perm rods if your hair is between three inches and five inches long.

When you choose a thinner rod you get tighter and small curls. Its super easyWHERE TO BUY FLEXI RODSSallys Beauty Supply Walmart Target. Well Flexible Rods or Flexi Rods are soft heatless tubes used in making beautiful and elegant curls on your weaves natural hair or wigs.

You can bobby pin any bits of hair that try to escape time on the rod. Speaking of different hair rod sizes flexi-rod curlers can range in diameter anywhere from ¼ up to ⅞. Gray rods are slightly larger than pink rods delivering similar results for slightly longer hair.

Repeat this process for each section of your weave. Once all the hair is wrapped around the flexi rod bend both ends inwards to secure. The wider the rod the looser the curl.

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