Wet Styling Curly Hair

Learn how to style naturally curly hair with this step by step guide. Curly hair is often dry and brittle and can break easily when combed or brushed.

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Styling curly hair is all about having a good base and knowing which shampoos are dehydrating your curls versus actually cleaning them.

Wet styling curly hair. If hair has been straightened and you want to keep it straight then it is best to style your hair dry. This will add some moisture and help revitalize your hair style giving your curls more volume. If you have curly wavy or coily hair getting a haircut can feel like a bit of a gambleFor starters it can be hard to find inspiration photos online that match your curl type and desired style.

Use a scrunchie not an elastic hair tieto loosely emphasis on the loose hold your hair in place on top of your head. Now I actually dont use anything to remove any water from my hair as i let my hair remain completely soaking wet before applying my styler of choice to it on my wash days. After i wash my hair I have experimented with applying styling product to both soaking wet hair and damp hair too.

Start with a wide-tooth comb to break up any knots. For tighter coils apply a curl cream. I also suched as the truth that I didnt lose the majority of my curly hair.

Styling on wet hair can cause more breakage since hair will be in its weakest state. Detangle your hair with a Wet Brush which efficiently removes tangles without snagging or breaking. Re-Wet Before You Style.

For medium curls apply a styling lotion or hair milk. Curling your hair is a great way to add bounce or volume or just to try a new look. If hair is bone dry then spritz with water or use a refresher to help hydrate the hair before styling.

If you are short on time now would be a good time to diffuse until your hair is about 50 dry to achieve close to the same results as you would with plopping for 30 minutes to an hour. Check out our top curly hair tips to take your hair from wet to perfectly styled in no time. While everyones curls are different the overwhelming majority of experts recommend applying styling products to sopping wet curls to avoid frizz and that stiff sticky feeling that can come.

The added plopping time enabled my origins to dry out even more naturally. If your curls end up drying too fluffy add a squeeze of gel in with your concoction. To all of our beautiful curly girls out there – we hear you.

Sometimes taming your curls or waves can quite the challenge. Throw your wet curly hair into a high ponytail. Fill a spray bottle with water and spray a light mist over your hair.

For me soaking wet hair works best. The easiest way to reshape the curl is by rewetting the hair. Shake it all up in a spray bottle and mist it over your dry hair until its almost damp then style as usual.

Try brushing or combing curly hair in the shower to avoid breakage. The traditional curly girl method is known for applying styling products to soaking wet hair and while there are many benefits there are some downsides. The amount of water in my hair when applying styling products.

In todays video our friend India. Im using the same products doing the same techniques but altering one thing. This shampoo isnt for everyone but Ive loved DevaCurls Build Up Buster as its great for when I want to eliminate scalp buildup without stripping my hair of its nutrients.

Curling your hair while its damp on the other hand. Some people prefer to applying styling products to damp or towel-dried hair which also has pros and cons. This allows the hair to dry a bit so you are not going to walk out the door with super wet hair.

Simply use your fingertips to apply a dime-size blob of styling cream or oil to your ends wet or dry hair is fine giving them extra moisture and bounce. We already know that curly hair frizzes up when the curl pattern is disturbed so why would you style curly hair after it has been cut and combed without reshaping the curl pattern first. Spritz your hair with water to reawaken your curls.

You should wet style if. Unfortunately curling irons and blow dryers can leave you with dry brittle hair and split ends. Spray sections more heavily with water if you want them to re-dry a certain way or are styling them.

Plop your hair for 30 minutes to an hour.

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