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The singers updo captures the short-hair trend with tight waves piled on top. As type 2 and 3 hair grows longer the weight of the hair can elongate curls which can result in flatter roots.

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Hi everyone my hair has been like this for a number of years.

Wavy on top curly on bottom. Ok so i have a big problem. The pompadour-esque style is great for slightly rounder faces since it elongates the shape a bit and pulls hair up. Shoulder length layer cut will unfurl your curls beautifully and make them look stunning.

I had very curly wurly hair when I was at a very young age but then it waves out as it grew and as I was straightening and styling it to death as a teenager. Long Hair on Bottom and Short on Top Hairstyles This is a boy haircut with the hair long and wavy on top and short on sides. The hairstyle is not fussy but always the highlight of the girls in the crowd.

Kinky curls are curly from the scalp to the hair tips and are easily layered. Therefore as you can see it is very obvious to tell apart the identification difference between curly and wavy hair. If your hair is not naturally very curly it is going to weigh itself down on top.

This short shag hairstyle will suit the best f the women who have straight hair on top and curly at the bottom. Will this happen or is there something i can do to make the top wavy like a product or way to cut it. Ive finally through this website figured out how to make my curls shiny and pretty but my hair is still weird-looking just cause of the straight backbottom.

Makes it a pain to brush where its all silky at the top until I get to the curled ends sometimes I just go a day without even brushing it because curls are messy anyway so no one notices the blooming difference. It is now straight at the top and curly at the bottom. In fact long hairstyles for men are a great alternative to traditional short haircuts.

Make a pixie cut more glam with large waves. Wavy hair is often wavy at the bottom and flat closer to the scalp. If I use product I can get my hair reasonably wavy on top.

I have recently started the CG method. My hair used to be just so curly whyen i was little and i didnt have to use any product or anything for that matter in my hair. I use so much cheap product on it and i curl alot of it to make it look the way that i want it to look.

This is an issue that mainly affects curlies with looser wavy textures. I have shoulder length type 2B2C hair very wavy tight S curves. My waves are coming along nicely however the sections of hair on the top of my head are straight.

If you get a bob you have to straighten or curl it otherwise your head looks like a. The bottom half is wavy full of volume and tends to feel dry. This is the hairstyle that naturally brings with the hair straight up smoothly the bottom of the trousers in the face to create a gentle modern.

If I just air dry my hair with no product I definitely have the straight top curly bottom problem too. Because wavy hair is definition bipolar. Each strand of hair is fine but so have many strands so it easily gets quite puffyfrizzy on its own.

Triangle hair happens when wavy or curly hair is flat on top and wide at the bottom. The wavy pixie works great with longer layers on top since you do have to be able to curl them. Youll just need to blow-dry your roots upwards before using a wide-barrel curling want to perfect this look.

The top half of my length is straight flat and seems to get greasy easily. The only way to get it to match the bottom for me though is to use the diffuser WITH product. It stays curly even when wet so its no match for gravity lol.

Two things you can do are to cut your hair shorter so it isnt as heavy or try. Shoulder Length Layers On Low Curls. Curly hair is a very popular hairstyle for you when you said that my hair is straight on top and curly on bottom.

It takes FOREVER and i just dont think that it is worth it. Women with wavy hair can also try this look. Best Long Shag Hairstyle Ideas.

Your hair is reallllly curly underneath and not that curly on top. We asked a celebrity hairstylist for the best hairstyles to get rid of it. Now my hair is curly on the bottom and straight on the top.

Ive tried putting recoil on those parts to curl them up more but it doesnt do much for that part. It takes shorter. For adopting this hairstyle men usually require thick and long hair.

I want to layer my hair but its straight on top and wavycurly underneath i want it all wavy and im afraid it will look strange with a straight top half and wavy bottom. On the other hand kinky curls have tiny curls with a big densest in thickness. What I mean by curly on bottom and straight on top is underneath my hair by my ears and nape of my neck my hair is very curly but from the middle of my head up to the top all the hair is straight.

Muss up your curly hair by air drying and twisting it into thick ringlets. The good news is there are some techniques that you can try to combat this. So my hair is supersuper curly on the top layer but under that and in the back its pretty straight.

A bit wavy but not much more. I dont do much to my hair no heat only a little product on the ends I just shower and let it go and this is how it naturally is.

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