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Apply a deep conditioneroil to dry hair and don a plastic cap an hour before the shower. Hop in the shower and rinse.

A Wash And Go Routine Tricks To Avoid Shrinkage Curly Nikki Natural Hair Styles And Natural Hair Care 4a Natural Hair Hair Shrinkage Natural Hair Styles

A Wash and Go Routine- Tricks to Avoid Shrinkage.

Wash and go shrinkage. To generate heat wear a beanie towel or microwavable heat cap. Please remember to SHARE this video with your friends and give i. SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL.

Without the right technique this style can be tough to perfect. Have you ever thought you couldnt achieve a wash and go. Because wash and gos are set in damp or even soaking wet hair mainly the latter.

See more ideas about shrinkage natural hair hair shrinkage natural hair styles. Down and Out Hair Tips Stylin and Profilin wash and go. Stylin and Profilin wash and go Bianca Alexa writes.

Aug 11 2020 – Natural Afro type 4 hair 4c stretching tips and breakage prevention how to reduce how to avoid less wash n go. Hi Everyone hope you enjoy my video. If I do a wash n go I get a really cute little fro my hair is shoulder lengththats how much shrinkage Im talking about.

I know because I have never seen ugly shrinkage But having a lot of fine 4BC hair myself I understand why you wouldnt like wash and gos. Your shrinkage is beautiful maiara. It shows that your hair is properly moisturized and has good elasticityWe cannot change a phenomenon that is a key characteristic feature of curly hair.

Depending on the hair type and hair porosity curly hair can shrink up to 90. What has your experience been. The actual wash and go process To be honest there is no such thing as a wash and go.

Before the shrinkage when trying a wash and go was too real but now I am able to ro. My hair shrinks about 85 of its length and I have yet to find a wash and go method that doesnt leave me with knots galore andor breakage. I recently created an updated wash and go routine that also shows some tricks to avoid shrinkage when drying.

The process is more like a wash condition detangle deep condition rinse apply products shingling raking or other method plop scrunch and your choice of drying — hooded dryer diffusing or air drying. Shrinkage is the decrease in length when your hair dries. The routine is simple and quick and is also available in Spanish.

I am still learningSorry about the shaking lol. Theres no need to go to a specialist your hair is just adjusting to its natural. The wash and go is a hairstyle typically done on freshly washed hair.

Washandgo auntjackies 4cnaturalhairWhat video do you want to see next. If youve tried to wear a wash n go and it just isnt working out CurlyNikki says this is the real reason your wash n go sucks. For anyone whos new to the style here are our top 10 YouTube tutorials for type 4 hair.

As mentioned above hair shortens when wet so it only makes sense for the wash and go to show off its shrinkage once its fully dry. Ive finally found a technique that actually works for me. Not only is it completely normal and a sign of healthy hair.

Saturated hair Leave-in conditioner Gel and mousse The PERFECT Wash and go EVERY TIME. There is a lot more content coming soon and it will only get better. However there are times I want my hair to hang a certain way or have a certain shape.

Wet hair if you air dry single strand knots for me some people do not have this problem unpredictable results based on how your hair is feeling that day or reacting to the weather shrinkage for me Please note that the steps provided below work for me. You may want to adjust these wash and go tips to suit your curly manes needs. I love wash and gos especially during the rainy season because its really a low maintenance style and requires less manipulation once youve got your kinks clumped and gelled right.

Frizz is part of having natural hair and so is shrinkage especially for the 4b and 4c gals they have over 69 shrinkage. Httpsyoutubeexw6PmLOank Products Used in THIS Vid. It involves washing your hair and defining your natural curl pattern.

Saturate hair thoroughly with water and divide into two left and right. A wash-and-go is a hairstyle that enhances your natural hairstyle. Im not sure if my hair and no shrinkage can even be in the same sentence lol.

The more frequently you do wash-and-gos on kinkier textures the more it reverses all the damaging effects of dry hair handled hair and shrinkage Dickey notes. Depending on your hair type and curl pattern a wash and go can be a quick 5 to 10-minute process or it can take upwards of an hour to complete not including drying time. But trust but the end of the day I cant get a finger or comb through my hair without completely rewetting it and detangling all over again.

An unstretched wash and go is a major culprit for shrinkage.

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