Using Cocoa To Darken Hair

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Using Cocoa to Darken Your Hair Mix the cocoa powder with water to form a thick paste rub it into you hair cover with shower cap and leave it on for 10-20 minutes. Once you have added all of the mixture to your hair consider pinning your hair up in a bun to keep your hair out of your face as you let the mixture soak in.

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A lot of middle aged people or even the adolescent develops the premature graying.

Using cocoa to darken hair. To darken your skin using cocoa powder you will need the following. Using Cocoa Powder The cocoa powder is also quite effective to lightly darken the hair leaving them beautiful and natural. It takes time to turn your hair entirely gray.

Leave this mixture on your hair for at least an hour. 1 small scoop of coconut oil. Apply this mixture to your hair using your hands and consider using a wide-toothed comb to spread the mixture evenly through your hair.

Below are instructions for coloring your hair using cocoa powder. However for some people whitening of hair may not be the cause of the old age. Cocoa is another wonderful all-natural product that can be used to make your hair darker.

Make sure its thoroughly washedSqueeze out all the excess water with your hands. Cover your hair with shower cap and leave it on for half. Using cocoa powder in a hair mask or treatment not only adds perfect dark tones to hair but adds moisture shine and volume to hair while promoting growth.

Cover your shoulders with a dry towel to prevent the cocoa powder from staining skin or clothing. Stir well to combine the ingredients into a thick paste. Rub the mixture into your clean hair.

This may not be the best method for those with very light hair color but its great for light to medium brown hair colors. To make this recipe you will need 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder cannot be chocolate and 15 tablespoons of white or clear shampoo cream. Mix the ingredients and wash the hair with the product massaging the threads.

There are plenty of success stories and tutorials on Pinterest. Placing a dark-colored towel 1295 Amazon around your shoulders is a great idea and all but while I was not-so-expertly completing the next few steps my shirt became thoroughly espresso-soaked. Using the spatula mix the two ingredients together.

The process can be repeated once or twice a week to retain the desired level of dark coloring. Mix some cocoa powder with water to form a thick paste. If you dont want to buy brunette-specific shampoos many people claim that you can darken your hair by adding cocoa powder to your shampoo at roughly a 11 ratio.

Mix equal parts cocoa with shampoo and wash hair as usual. Unsweetened cocoa powder can be used to temporarily darken hair. Fill a bottle 12 full with shampoo and 12 full with cocoa powder then shake it vigorously until the two are completely mixed together.

This should result in a natural dark brown hair color. Here is how to mix all the ingredients. Add an equal amount of cocoa powder to the coconut oil.

Massage the cocoa mixture into your hair thoroughly. A mixing bowl and spatula. Place a towel around your neck while applying cocoa powder paste to your hair as the paste may temporarily stain clothes and skin.

The longer you leave it on the darker the color will be. It is not graying but. Depends on how well your hair takes to color and your shampoo and such.

If you want your tresses to be darker skip the chemical dyes you may use at home or encounter at a salon — go the all-natural route with cocoa instead. Rinse the mixture out of your hair and theoretically youll be left with darker hued locks than before. But when you watch tutorials on YouTube.

Rub the mixture into your clean hair. If coffee can create a fashionable hair color for young girls cocoa powder can too. Why dont you give it a trial.

Age-related graying of hair is inevitable for everybody. Darken your hair without the use of any chemicals. Mix together an equal amount of plain unsweetened yogurt and cocoa powder in a bowl.

Squeeze excess water out of your hair then pat dry with a towel. Cocoa will darken your hair pretty subtly. Then take the towel and put it around your shoulders.

Graying of hair is the sign of biological aging of body. Add cocoa powder to your shampoo. The cocoa will bring out the natural deeper tones in your hair.

Mix in 12 cup cocoa powder and 1 teaspoon of honey. You will need at least ΒΌ cup of each although at least twice this amount is best if your hair is shoulder length or longer. Add the coconut oil to a mixing bowl.

Use Hersheys unsweetened cocoa to darken hair without dye. How to Naturally Darken Hair Color With Cocoa Cocoa isnt only good for making hot chocolate or adding flavor to a cake — its also handy when its time to get your hair color touched up. Writer Bio Kimbry Parker has been writing since 1998 and has published content on various websites.

1 small scoop of cocoa powder. Cocoa powders dark color evidently makes it perfect for coloring hair. Mix the cocoa powder with shampoo in equal measures and rub it thoroughly in to your hair as you wash.

Mix cocoa powder with water to form. Shampoo your hair as usual. Cocoa powder will help you solve the question how to naturally darken your hair in an easy way.

Wash your hair with your regular shampoo. It brings out dark tones in hair so its effects are best when used on light to medium-brown colored hair but lighter hair colors like blonde can also use it for a slighter darkening result. Some folks even add some cocoa powder to make the dye extra dark.

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