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A taper fade haircut has long hair on top with a taper to short hair along the sides and back. Only real professionals can do it right.

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The high taper fade is one of the most popular fade haircut styles for men especially those with dark hair.

Taper fade long top. A scissors fade is hard to make but it looks truly striking. If you want minimal style and huge impact this is one of the long on top taper fade styles to try. Fade haircut image via milkythebarber on Instagram.

All youll have left are the locks on top which allow your imagination to run wild. The long hair on the top is styled in the classic comb-over slick-back design. Low Taper Fade Low Taper Fade 2.

With this style you get your taper fade of choice with plenty of lengths on top do with as you please. In fact the taper fade on the sides will significantly reduce your morning hassle. However the classic taper haircut is more old-school and formal.

We have collected 15 long taper fade hairstyles thatll give you a small push toward a long-awaited change. The Long Top and Taper Fade. The fade taper is a clean-cut style suitable for many hair types and easy to style and maintain.

A taper fade haircut keeps the hair long on top while tapering it down the sides and back. You can have a really long taper hair is longer or a short taper hair comes down closer to the skin. The fact that the taper fade is low highlights the hairs natural texture.

The fade starts high nearly at the crown and comes down heavily towards the temple where it ends in a skin fade. Like a taper with a fade your hair is at its longest toward the top of your head and gets progressively shorter toward the bottom. Feel free to experiment with high taper fades too if you have this hair type.

Anything longer will result in a messy look. It can help to think of this style as something of a freeform alternative to some of the styles weve mentioned such as the mohawk and the slick back. The hair gets progressively shorter as it goes down the head until it blends in with the skin.

If you are opting for a Taper Fade Curly haircut or longer cuts like the Taper Fade Long hair you may just want to have a few inches longer. The high taper fade is a badass edgy haircut that starts near the top of the head. Long Top Side-Parted Fade.

Long Curly Top Low Taper. In fact the taper fade even looks good with all short sides long top styles regardless of hair texture or type so check out our examples below to find the best taper fade hairstyles for you. The taper adds a unique style as the hair gradually gets shorter even more so with a skin fade.

Adamjosephchase Instagram How to Get the Classic Taper Haircut. Ask your hairstylist for a scissor fade. The low fade along with high and mid fade haircuts remains the most popular way for guys to cut the hair on their sides.

Hair doesnt have to be cut to the skin to be classified as a fade. In many ways the classic taper haircut is like the disconnected undercutThe hair on the sides and back is tapered quite short while the hair on top is left long. Low Skin Fade Low Skin Fade Haircut 4.

A fade haircut is essentially a very short taper. Low Taper low taper haircut 3. Consider mixing a low taper fade with a long curly hair top to get one of the most original short sides long top hairstyles out there.

The close-cut sides and length left on top mean that the taper fade naturally lends the face some additional length. Now to the cutting part. You can choose to keep it long on top and style as a comb over get closely clipped tapered sides and add facial hair connected to your hairstyle via sideburns.

However you might use hairspray or other products for hold if your hair is another type but that is not a good idea for regular styling. The length of a taper can vary. -104 MC starts by using a 1 12 metal guard on his Oster clippers-234 He changes to a 00000 metal guard on his Oster clippers-428 Next he uses a 1 plas.

It however needs strong and thick hair to hold the style. This gradual fade looks sharp and neat with no messy or unsightly edges or rough spots. The high taper is a good cut for guys who want a high-contrast look that follows the short sides long top mens hair trend.

For instance you can ask your barber for a short low skin fade all around the back and sides thereby creating a high-contrast look with your long hair on top. The taper fade looks good with all long top styles short sides regardless of hair texture or type check out the below-given examples to find the best-tapered celebrity hairstyles for men. Towards the back the taper is the same ending in a gradual skin fade at the hairline.

You can also try the popular taper fade cuts. Which unless youre deliberately going for the equine vibe is probably. Vintage Slick Back with High Taper Fade source.

If you add some exciting spiked styling on top the overall impression this fade long on top style makes will be priceless. A taper haircut gradually changes your hair length typically starting out longer at the top of the head and getting shorter as you go down to the natural hairline on the nape of the neck and sides of the head. Because low fades are versatile they can be added to any mens hairstyle short long curly or straight.

High taper fade with a pompadour. Taper fade can be worn in many ways. For the regular Tapered Fade Haircut you want to have at least four inches of hair on top.

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