Its not as short as a skin or bald fade but shorter than a classic tapered cut. This is one […]

In this picture you can distinguish a high taper fade where the shaved part of the head comes closer to […]

The hairstyles here work best for curly and kinky hair but if you have straight hair theyll work fine too. […]

Also its possible to get different results with wavy curly and straight hair types in low taper fade haircut. Taper […]

Low Drop Fade Comb Over Full Beard. To get the classic taper haircut start by tapering the sides and the […]

These hairstyles are usually short and smooth with a layer of moisture. This black hairstyle is a low fade haircut […]

A taper fade haircut has long hair on top with a taper to short hair along the sides and back. […]

Final Notes on Tapers and Fades. This high taper fade stops about two inches away from ears and still has […]

But what really distinguishes it is the intelligent use of. Classic Low Fade Haircuts with Waves. Pin On Haircuts These […]