Finger Loop Braids were popular from the 15th to the 17th Centuries in Europe There are still some forms of […]

Making the 2-strand Braid. Continue weaving the outermost right strand under the previous three strands then under and over the […]

Gold StringChristmas String100 M109 Yards 1mm Metallic Cord Tinsel String Craft Making Cord for WrappingHair Braiding and Craft Making. 45 […]

Adding the pearls to bobby pins or finding pins that already have them attached and placing them on your braids […]

All of these cheeses are made through a process called spinning which makes the cheese smooth and highly elastic. The […]

Cross the right strand over and into the middle. Cross the left strand over and into the middle. Pin On […]

Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. You can use this technique to make a strong braided rope. Braided Rawhide Strapping […]

The Wood Badge Woggle a 3-lead 4-bight braid is a special case. String or wool are good for these braids. […]

Mixed Gold Silver Hair StringSturdy Non-slipHelp Braid Pop Hairstyle. 1 x 109 Yards-1mm Golden Metallic Cord. Pin On Long Box […]

This is a very similar hairstyle to the previous one with the only difference that it also wraps the head […]

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