The amount of hair size and direction of the roll is totally up to youI usually do them in a […]

This style consists of a roll located on top of your head. One of the most iconic and recognisable vintage […]

Here is her 7 step guide to quick and easy Victory Rolls. In a previous post we gave you guys […]

I had seen a girl wearing an asymmetric roll which really added an edgy vibe to the traditional look. An […]

Light tiktoks lantern wml x lantern mt 14 lanyard litte lanski holder lanterns neck lantern pussy koi figurines light tube […]

During WW2 the popular victory roll pin up hairstyle was playfully adopted by many women. Shape the front of the […]

Modern Victory Rolls Two Ways 1. A much loved style that has been resurrected and is being used today in […]

Victory rolls were en vogue in the 50s and big victory rolls like these were sported by many women. Whenever […]

This hairstyle was popular in the 40s and originally served to show support to soldiers in WWII but nowaday. In […]

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