Here are a few hair care tips to take note of after dyeing. The roots are dark the ends are […]

Just like any chemical processing treatment balayage does cause damage to your hair. By hand painting I can create a […]

Balayage is a lightening process that uses a sweeping motion to apply lightener to strands of hair. Balayage requires less […]

To make highlights orand lowlights on brown hair colorists use either traditional foil techniques for precise streaking or the balayage […]

I want to add in case you d. Colortraks Artistic and Technical Director Gregory Alan gives us a 101 guide […]

Of course naturally blonde guys can get highlights too just in different shades of blonde. While the endgame of highlights […]

Subscribe to Hairstylist How-to for new video updatesFacebook. The jury is still out for DIY at-home hair colour read the […]

Another self-explanatory technique full head highlights see all sections of hair lightened from the fringe or hairline right down to […]