Its durable virtually indestructable and washable too. For a 4-strand round braid move the rightmost strand under the 2 middle […]

Round and heart-shaped faces. Depending how much hair you have after your braid for your ponytail will determine how large […]

This is the other way on one side that would begin in behind one of the ears. Low Side French […]

Take your Topsy Tail and insert it loop side up behind the elastic and thread your hair through the loop. […]

At the end of the round theres a neat way to close the braid. This is the best braid to […]

Teenitor 2 Pairs Topsy Hair Tail Tools Hair Braid Accessories Ponytail MakerFrench Braid Tool Loop for Hair Styling 4pcs 2 […]

Single Cord 4 Strand Flat Braid. In this tutorial I will show you how to braid a 4 strand flat […]

Wrap some hair around the elastic band to hide it from view. This hairstyle looks perfect on a floaty maxi […]