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Natural hair shrinkage means your hair has shrunk in its appearance. Phrases like shrinkage is the devil or I hate shrinkage show up in photo captions on social media daily usually in hashtag form.

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It shows that your hair is properly moisturized and has good elasticity.

Shrinkage natural black hair. Jul 19 2019 – Afro textured hair can be deceiving in so many ways. Black natural hair is rooted in historical political cultural and sociological connotations that are less known about in the hair and beauty field. The fact that it can be shoulder length one day then cropped up to our ears the next is simply amazing.

However natural hair shrinkage is not just about appearance. Shrinkage is also a sign of your hairs elasticity and its resistance to breakage. Not only is it completely normal and a sign of healthy hair.

Consequences for such an. I live in a city with high humidity and I exercise daily. Natural hair that is properly hydrated and moisturized will shrink.

Keep your hair in a bun for 1-2 hours. All you have to do is pour a little bit into your hands rub your hands together and then gently rub your hands down your hair from root to tip like this right here. It is inevitable and just about every natural diva will experience it at some point during their journey.

See more ideas about natural hair styles shrinkage natural hair curly hair styles. Some only have 20 to 30 shrinkage while others can have as much as 75. Apr 6 2020 – Explore Cardiss Williamss board Shrinkage natural hair on Pinterest.

So today my beautiful client wanted a silk press on her natural hair. Nothing causes our hair to shrink aside from its genetic predisposition to do what nature tells it to. HttpsgleamioAIqRzjaylen-harris-x-jaynyc-olive-yeezy-boost-350-v2-size-11-giveawayLIKE COMMENT SHARE.

Even though shrinkage is a common occurrence amongst naturals our jaws dropped when we saw these photos. It is well known that black hair in its natural state can shrink up to 80 percent of its actual length. If you leave your hair loose and dont braid or twist it your natural coils will gradually coil up as the water evaporates from your hair.

Also called the spring factor this means your curls structure and integrity of your hair are still intact. Shrinkage is natural for women with textured hair and the tighter the curl the more shrinkage you will experience. Note that it hasnt to be too tight in order to prevent creases.

One more way to control your extreme black hair shrinkage is creating a high bun while your hair is still damp. Honestly shrinkage was my biggest issue when I was a loose natural. Dont be fooled by what you thinkCOMMENT LIKE SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS.

Black women have BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING HAIR. Shrinkage often happens after youve washed your hair or added water to it. Thats one of the many reasons why its so versatile and unique.

I was constantly struggling with the shrinkage or breakage caused by shrinkage tangling matting trying to detangle shrunken hair. But aside from the fun and aesthetics of our kinky manes shrinkage believe it or not means that your hair is healthy. Whenever Afro hair is somehow.

Please dont get it twisted and think that this intro lesson to shrinkage grants you the right to approach a black woman and fix your hands to pull her curls. Our hair expands when wet and shrinks while drying. Depending on the hair type and hair porosity curly hair can shrink up to 90.

Yes her hair has slight heat damage in the front. Shrinkage is the decrease in length when your hair dries. Its also part of the versatility and beauty of natural hairTWAteeny weeny afro one day and huge fro the next.

Shrinkage is a natural and beautiful trait unique to textured hair. For instance black natural hair can stem right back to ancestral times whereby in traditional African civilisations certain hairstyles represented different social backgrounds or had. As a bonus they both are light so your hair wont feel greasy to the touch.

We cannot change a phenomenon that is a key characteristic feature of curly hair. Shrinkage comes along with the natural hair journey. To reduce the shrinkage even more use bobby pins to make your bun less messy.

Hiding up to 90 of the actual hair length in some cases shrinkage proves itself to be the ultimate magician when it comes to natural hair. Lots of hair shrinkage means you have got some healthy hair on your head. Shrinkage has become a four-letter word within the natural hair community and quite frankly I fail to understand what the huge fuss is about.

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