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I cannot believe how BOMB this came out. Today I have for you a comparison video on two of the most popular ways to define curls.

Have Yet To Achieve The Definition I Want From My Hair May Need To Try This Method With The Added Water Natural Hair Styles Natural Hair Beauty Hair Styles

I use this method for special occasions like weddings graduati.

Raking method natural hair. Distribute the product evenly by finger-raking it through from root to tip. While holding the ends of your hair shake at the wrist to encourage your natural curl pattern to reform. Section hair into medium-sized workable sections as appropriated for the length and density of your hair.

On the last rake stop just short of letting the hair go. Using a nickel-size amount of gel for each section more or less depending on hair thickness and length repeat the raking and shaking motions on each of the remaining four sections. Shingling is good practice for evenly coating all your hair strands but combined with the right products is a great way to define curls.

You are simply using your fingers a brush or a wide toothcomb to evenly distribute product before smoothing your hair in a shingling method. Banding natural hair is an alternative way to straighten the hair without heat usage. Follow the routine that works best for you when it comes to moisturizing your hair post wash.

Once youve evenly distributed the styling product rake your fingers through the section one last time. I am so in love with my hair and this style And as time consuming as this process can be for some people its. The bands accomplish this by stretching your strands as they dry helping to elongate your hair.

Holding on to the ends gently shake the hair up and down a few times to set the curl. 4 year anniversary of getting my last relaxer. Did one section with the shingling method laughed.

This ensures that your curls will be released in their natural pattern. This time smooth the hair through your fingers and when you reach the end hold onto the ends and shake them back and forth. The banding method is when you sleep with your natural hair tied down with non-abrasive hair ties down the length of your hair.

This method can be done on freshly washed hair or on an older style. This is the method that I use to get my natural hair to be SUPER and CRAZY defined. This method is simply a concentration of product to each strand of hair.

Shrinkage is an inherent characteristic of natural hair. What the Raking method did to my hair yesterday. This may sound silly but theres a few reasons why this method is one of the best ways of sleeping with natural hair.

Blue Mountain Natural Method Hair Color is for all those women and men who only want the best natural alternative for themselves and do not want to settle for any less. I always avoided this method because I was afraid it would cause more frizz to my curls. Most naturals are aware they should stay away from heat and air dry as much as possible.

CGM can help you enhance your hair texture but it won. I Love the result many spiral curls and it doesnt look weighed down. Cut 6 inches off in January and cried for 2 days but looking back at it I needed it.

Benefit 1 Stretches Out Curls. If your natural hair is wavy its going to stay wavy after the Curly Girl Methodjust a healthier fuller more defined version of it. Learn a natural method of dyeing hair that is 100 pure and chemical-free.

Once your hair has been cleansed and conditioned section it into four sections. After your damp hair is soft and hydrated separate into four sections and begin applying leave-in conditioner to each. As it is a 100 pure and natural hair dye it does not act like a chemical Dye hence repeated.

Apply your leave-in conditioner seal and add your moisturizer or styler of choice. Rake thoroughly 3 or 4 times so that your hair is evenly clumped between your fingers. You may or may not call it either o.

Just discovered the shingling method and raking method. This is going to give you more plump clumps of curls. Hair should be damp not soaking wet.

Apply your leave- in and oil working it into a small section of hair raking your fingers through until your strands are fully coated.

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