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Needless to say permed hair are very hard to cut so get that little step done before you have your hair permed. Continue to part and layer the perm until youve covered your whole head.

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This procedure requires about 3 hours to complete.

Perm hair steps. You should apply enough solution to saturate the hair but not so much that it is dripping wet. Wash out the perm solution. Additional items that may or may not be included in the hair perm kit vary from brand to brand and can include end papers gloves drip guards and other solutions like activators or conditioners.

Pierce the hair perm solution. Here is a link to some great perm rods httpamznto20O8WqNA permanent wave commonly called a perm involves the use of chemicals to break and reform the. Before piercing the hair perm solution read the instructions on the level of the packet.

First youve got your standard perm which uses traditional plastic perm rods to give your hair a more defined curl. Be careful not to apply the chemicals directly onto the scalp or else you can get burned. Take your applicator brush many have a rat-tail end for easy parting and dip it into the permrelaxer mix.

If you have fine damaged hair keep the heat between 250 and 300 F. Remove the cotton roll. Allow the perm solution to set.

The first step of a dual action perm softens and smooths the natural hair texture. Detangling your hair in the shower is a smart step when you have a perm. Instead blot your hair with a T-shirt and let it dry naturally.

The conditioner will be more evenly dispersed and youll have fewer tangles to contend with later. Divide the hair into four sections and choose the appropriate heat setting depending on your hair type. For thick hair 350 and 400 F is ideal.

All hair perm kits come with instructions that walk you step by step through the perming process from start to finish. Apply your conditioner and then carefully brush through your locks with a wide-toothed comb. Instead apply the perm a little less than a 12 inch from the root.

Instead of using traditional perm methods of wrapping around perm rods the hair is braided into one or multiple braids french or dutch and perm solution is applied to the hair creating a zig zag type pattern in the hair. A perm is a process in which you chemically set your hair into curls for 2 to 6 months. Next wrap your hair around the curling rods apply perm solution then check every 5 minutes to see if the curl has set by slightly unraveling 1 of the rods.

You need to wait 24 to 48 hours before you do anything to your hair. If youre concerned about drying permed hair after washing the hair plopping method is a great way to form your curls overnight and minimize the appearance of frizz. The perms usually last between two to 10 months depending on which perm you go for and how well you take care of your permed hair.

Regardless of the type of the rollers you wish to use before you begin the procedure or any manipulations you should wash your head and dry it naturally. During those first few days the perm is still setting so its best to leave the. Hair perm kit prices.

The best way to take care of permed hair is to be very gentle for the first three days and that includes no washing or tying up. The second step is where the hair is wound on perm rods with a weaker solution of ammonium thioglycate. If you want to have a long-lasting straight perm use a flat iron.

Then set the size of your curls by wrapping sections of your hair around a curling iron. Make it tinny in size so that you can measure the amount of the solution. Your hair should be left to rest for 40 minutes after applying the perm solution.

Permed hair is already prone to dry frizzy ends but youll only make it worse if you blow-dry your hair after washing it. Alternatively if you dont have time to air dry read our step-by-step guide on how to use a diffuser to create definition and volume. Dry your hair with a clean paper towel.

Moreover the classic perming is perfect for all hair styles and lengths. Allow the perm solution to remain on the hair for the time specified in the perm kit instructions. After 40 minutes of applying the solution wash it off but do not remove the perm rods.

Air dry your hair to prevent it from becoming frizzy. To perm your hair start by washing it with a clarifying shampoo to remove any oil or residue. After that you can style your hair as you would style regular short curly hair.

Please keep in mind that short hair and perms would look very fluffy so if you decide to grow the hair out a bit thats fine. Then youve got your softer looser perms to create more movement and texture. What you need to do you can see in the level clearly.

Now pierce the solution pack with a pin. This perm style requires rather detailed and defined small curls this it requires 5 hours or more to completeIn this style hairstylists use cold perming procedures as it produces better-defined curls with the use of small curlers. This type of perm is great for a client looking to add bend to their hair with an effortless bed head look.

7 steps of how to perm hair at home using rollers Rollers are the most effective and sparing way to achieve a beautiful result and create a wonderful hairdo without any harmful consequences. If it requires heat activation use a blow dryer on it. The second step of a dual action perm is winding the hair on perm rods.

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