Low Fade Haircut Vs High Fade

A Fade can be done in different ways although there are three main types of fade haircuts. Your thick hair lies only at the top of your head and then from around the forehead area the fading starts.

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A high fade is determined by where the fade line starts and how strong or fast the cut is tapered.

Low fade haircut vs high fade. Most low fade taper typically starts 3 inches down from the head and slowly disappear an inch above the ears right around your natural hairline. 14 Faux Hawk Low Skin Fade. 1 Best Low Fade Haircuts.

But in low fade haircuts it fades out while moving towards the edges and back. A standard low fade will usually start either just above the ear or up to an inch above it at the most. Fade haircuts are extremely popular these days.

Since this cut has low sides its perfect for men who like to make their longer length the star of their look. The low fade tapers hair down the shortest around the hairline while the mid fade goes short a few inches up higher. Regular High or Low.

The high fade usually follows a line that goes straight back from the corner of the forehead. Generally speaking a fade refers to the blending of longer and shorter hairs on the back and sides of the head to give a seamless graduation effect. High fade starts from the very top portion.

There are many classifications of low fade haircuts but short fade haircuts and high fade haircuts are the foremost popular. The hair starts to fade in between your forehead and the ears and thus maintains a balance between the low and high fading hairlines. Both are drop fades because the line of the fade drops down behind the ear in an arc that follows the hairline and neck.

But within the category it seems most men prefer the sleeker high fade haircut. Low Fade VS High Fade. Which fade you choose will come down to personal preference and the look youre going for.

18 Textured Spiky Hair Low Skin Fade Full Beard. 13 Modern Pomp Low Razor Fade. The low fade hair cut tapers from the ear by about an inch and can also sometimes curve around your ears and go down to the neckline.

When comparing a low fade vs high fade you may easily notice that the main difference between them is in the transition from longer to shorter length on the sides and back. Low fades start fading closer to the ear mid fades start fading just above the ear and high fades can start fading way up high on the head. High fade hair cuts are known to fade while moving towards the highest.

If a high fade is a bit too dramatic but a low fade doesnt get rid of as much hair as youd like consider a mid fade. The universality of this ultra-stylish haircut is on the rise. 16 Low Fade Messy Top Beard.

A medium fade on the other hand which is generally the mid point between a low fade and a high fade will start anywhere between one and two inches above the ear. Lets use a skin fade haircut as an example – if you went down to skin then the skin would be kept very low and the fade into longer length would start around a third of the way up your head. Furthermore some guys prefer their high fades to be cut down to the skin for.

The main distinction between a low fade hair cut and a high fade hair cut is how short the hair on the sides are and where will the cut taper. A Low Fade haircut is a haircut where the hair starts to Taper much lower down the head. Due to its versatility the low fade can be added to any short or long mens hairstyle for a clean-cut fresh finish on the sides and back.

Ultimately the main distinction between the low fade vs high. 15 High Pompadour Low Taper Fade. On top of that a Fade haircut can also be coupled with a specific haircut on the top of the head giving rise to an extra two types of fade haircuts.

19 Low Fade Long Hair on Top. The problem is most guys arent sure exactly what a low fade haircut is and where a high fade haircut starts. It is the hardest.

12 Low Taper Fade Long Comb Over. 11 Low Skin Fade Quiff Part. Low fades start just above the ears and curve around the hairline down to the neck.

Unlike the high fade the low fade is a more conservative trim similar to the classic taper fade. Generally the hairline moves in a straight line towards the back of the head. More from Fade Haircut.

Since low fade usually leaves more hair on the sides and back than high fade it gives you a great scope to fiddle with varied textures lengths and bold features ie shaved lines and patterns. In a high fade fading starts right at the parietal ridge while in a fade the hair begins to decrease in length 1-2 inches above the ear area. High Top Fade and Temple Fade.

In a low fade cut the fade will finish around 3 inches from the thickest part of the hairline. As with any other type of fade cut men can have the hair on the top of their head as long as they would like. As we mentioned above a low fade tapers just above the ear for a super low shift between lengths.

17 Low Drop Fade Curly Afro. Low fade vs high fade haircuts although very similar in cut and style can make a difference in your overall hairstyle and look. Next up in terms of height on the side of the head is the low fade.

Lets break down the differences between low fade vs high fade vs mid fade haircuts. Lets start at the top.

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