Is Crochet Braids Good For Your Hair

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Braid patterns are chosen after deciding the type of look and versatility you desire. Crochet braids are one of the hottest new trends among naturals.

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In addition to them being a protective style crochet braids are.

Is crochet braids good for your hair. This weaving method not only achieves a more natural look but it is a great protective styling option that offers a wide variety of choices. But with crochet braided styles the opposite is actually true. One thing that people stress about crochet hair is that the denser the hair is the better suited it is to stay put in the knot.

As a former bundles girl I love the versatility and realistic look of crochet braids. Crochet braids have gained popularity because the installation process is often much faster than that of traditional braids twists and sew-in weaves. They can stunt your hair growth The most vital warning about crochet braids is that they can stunt your hair growth.

If there is going to be damage it will likely come from the way the threading of the braid is done. The average person wearing crochet braids does not wash their hair on a weekly basis. Take one manageable section of your crochet braids at a time and spritz some conditioner on them too.

The downside is some women think that the style will make them look cheap or unnatural. Crochet braids are a great choice if you want to go for jumbo box braids but are concerned about putting too much stress on your hair. If youve always admired girls that are masters of styling their own hair but think that could never be you crochet braids may be a great style to attempt on your own if you at least know how to cornrow your hair.

Also crochet braids take just one or two hours to complete. This is unhealthy for the scalp and drying to the hair. Curling thick long hair extension can be made easy by increasing the heat setting to more than 400Fahrenheit so that the heat can enter your hairs shaft.

Another perk to this style is that it protects the integrity of natural hair rather than the usually irreversible damage that results from chemical straightening. Those are the basics but there are a lot of ways that this style can be used to achieve different looks. Once your natural hair has been cornrowed you can crochet in box braids Senegalese twists straight hair curly hairany hairstyle you can imagine really.

Here this beauty is rocking larger braids that have been crocheted in a cool honey blonde hue. Single braids are easy to acquire and will result in a flabbergasting overall look. This crochet micro braids are also known as Havana Mambo twists Senegalese twists or crochet box braids dreadlocks.

Go from top to bottom and then carefully massage the conditioner into the hair. Crochet braids have quickly become a favorite among naturals who are protective styling. The only thing better than grandmas food at Christmas dinner is crochet braids that are light as air.

And the best thing about crochet hair braids is that it is one of the most affordable styles involving extensions. A barrel with a size of 125-inch is perfect for full thick hair. Are crochet braids damaging to hair.

Curly long crochet braids require a curling iron with a wide barrel once the synthetic hair extensions are attached. The Truth About Crochet Braids. You can use crochet box braids to make your hair get a thicker feel.

Mirras Mirror Senegalese Box Braids Crochet Hair gives you shiny and bouncy and small twists. Gone are the days when we used to walk around with twenty-pound braids on our heads. Not necessarily all by itself.

Although crochet braids can look incredibly real they are all made of fake hair. Drying Gently squeeze out your hair to get rid of most of the water in it. Thank you hair extension gods.

Then you can create single braids as your protective style. Because the hair used is synthetic hair wearers are more concerned with keeping the hair looking good than keeping the scalp clean. Create visual interest by adding strategic accent strings onto select braids.

Never sacrifice the health of your hair just to keep a style longer. The box braid is much safer on your hair because each braid is thick giving it more strength and resistance to easy breakage. What Every Natural Should Know.

The absolute BEST part of crochet braiding and weaving is that there is very little to no tension on the edges and the hair can be styled immediately after installation unlike individual braids or twists where you sometimes need to wait for a few days styling into a ponytail or bun. Ive experimented with a myriad of synthetic extension brands braid patterns and styling options both for. With the fast-paced economy very few people forget to wash their hair.

This makes crochet braids the perfect hairstyle for when you want to give your natural hair some well-deserved rest. From braids to blowouts crochet braids can achieve a plethora of natural hairstyles without causing unnecessary damage to your hair. The denser synthetic hair is better suited to staying put in the knots used in crochet braiding while silky soft human hair tends to slip out of place especially once its absorbed any moisture.

Do an overall rinse scalp cornrows and crochet braids with lukewarm water. To attach the fake hair hair existing on the scalp is cornrowed all the way back and the hair extensions are attached by using a crochet needle type device. The natural-looking tail gives you an effortlessly stylish look.

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