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The texture of. Coily or zig-zag pattern curls 4A – Soft 4B – Coarse wiry 4C – Extremely wiry.

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Generally speaking the Flatter or more oval shaped the follicle the curlier your hair.

Hair type curl pattern. The Z pattern is so tightly coiled that it can cause kinky curls to shrink up to 75 of the hairs actual length. Although each curl type is characteristically drier the farther it is on the scale type 4 hair especially B and C is the most prone to moisture loss shrinkage and breakage. Hair texture While hair type speaks to the form or shape of your hair Ie.

Kinky coily curly wavy and straight hair can also be stressed by heat styling coloring or chemical treatment and may need some extra TLC so damaged is a hair type To make matters easier Breyers company created an online quiz to easily help women identify their natural curl type. The numbers and letters in the curl typing system refer to the tightness and density of each hair type 2A being the lowest and 4C being the highest. Curly hair types chart.

An angular Z type zig-zag from roots to end. With this pattern keeping your curls moisturized is key. Straight curly coily hair texture refers to your individual strand characteristics typically in three categories.

This hair type guide serves to explain your hair type and includes a few tips to best care for your hair. Each curl pattern type divides further by a number and letter depending on how tight the curl is. What is Hair Typing.

Your hair type is actually dependent on the shape of the hair follicle on your scalp. 2A 2B or 4C that are determined by the shape and pattern of your curl. It is possible to have more than one curl pattern type.

Coily or kinky hair is the tightest amongst the curl types with curls springing straight from the scalp. Because this curl type is most often fine and delicate it can be susceptible to breakage if not cared for properly. 3C – Tight small curls.

Hair Type and curl pattern both describe the shape and size of your wavecurl which is determined by the shape of your hair follicle. Type 3 is curly hair known to have an S-shape. The curls tend to be the width of a pencil and are quite springy.

In other words whether your hair long or short fine or coarse thick or thin these will all drastically affect the way your hair looks and how it reacts to products. Curly hair can be divided into four curl pattern types. KINKY CURL PATTERN BEHAVIOR.

The more circulare the cross-section the straighter your hair. Type 1s are straight Type 2s are wavy Type 3s are curly and Type 4s. Hair type and curl pattern describe the specific shape of your hair strands the way it naturally grows.

It is actually quite common. How to figure out your curl pattern Styling curly hair is one thingidentifying your curl type is a whole other ball game. These hair types are broken down into further subtypes eg.

Has a clearly defined curl pattern. While it can seem intimidating at first figuring out your curl type is actually pretty easy when it is broken down into this unofficially official guide to curly hair. Identifying your curl shape and pattern or patterns is best determined while your hair is sopping wet.

Type 3 hair is curly hair. Take the Texture Type Quiz. If you pull a strand of a type 3 curly you will notice it has a definite S shape.

Type 4 describes coily hair strands which may be a bit fragile against the elements because of its texture. Our guide helps you determine which curl pattern you have the best type of natural hair products you should be using. Check this page out to see PATTERNs suggestions for 3C 4A 4B 4C curls.

To understand all there is to know about your curl pattern porosity density reliable curly hair products and the best hairstyles for you take the NaturallyCurly Texture Typing Quiz right now. Type 4b Hair is clearly defined and had a clear curl pattern. The curl pattern may resemble a lowercase s uppercase S or sometimes an uppercase Z or lowercase z.

That is because curl pattern is only one part of the hair type equation. Other important factors are porosity length width and density. This hair type can have either a compact zigzag pattern that doesnt twist around itself or tightly-wound s-shaped curls.

Wavy curly coily and kinky. Type 4c Hair consist of a Z shaped zigzag pattern and shows little or no defined sections of hair. Knowing you have curly hair is one thing knowing what kind of hair you have is another.

It can also incorporate the two shapes. Kinky curls need protective. Learn all about your curly coily hair textures with our Curl Guide.

Curly Hair Textures CURLY HAIR. Takes on a tight crimpy pattern. Look at the picture below to help find your curl pattern.

T his hair type is usually voluminous climate dependent humidity frizz and damage-prone Lack of proper care causes less defined curls. Granted the S may be a lower case s or upper case S or it may even resemble a Z on some occasionshowever there is a definite curl pattern in place with our without products. The second type on the other hand is best described as having wavy hair while Type 3 hair is curly.

And opt for styling methods that stretch the curl to avoid significant shrinkage.

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