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Theres a possibility that the straighter hair on top is damaged by heat and exposure to the elements in which case I would recommend deep conditioning to add moisture back to your hair. You need to find a balance 7 Ways to Make Your Crown Area Frizz Free Tackle Baby Hair.

When I Wake Up Every Morning My Hair Is Always Flat On The Top And Curly On The Bottom This Will Totally Make It Look Hair Styles Long Hair Styles Hair

So on the top its flat and then the bottom curls poof out on the bottom.

Hair flat on top curly on bottom. Once your hair is dry remove the clips and you will find your hair stays in the position you desired and youll no longer have flat roots. The weight of my hair pulls it down and the shape of my curls makes my part seem wider and flatter. Hi everyone my hair has been like this for a number of years.

It gave me triangle-head flat on top and voluminous at the bottom. You see the gene for curly hair is not completely dominant. If your hair is always flat on the top which puffs out in the middle and bottom you may have natural texture which tends to form a reverse triangle with the point at the top of the head.

I have like a triangle effect on my head which does not look good. Change your part as your hair dries. Image Of Woman Frustrated With Her Hair – Courtesy Of Hairbo.

You should know that the gene which determines curly hair is not totally dominant. It takes FOREVER and i just dont think that it is worth it. Internet It is said to be very normal when you have both a mix of curl patterns on your head as it starts with each persons genetics 1.

To combat this the usual advice from stylists is choppy layers to make the underneath not so heavy. This change to your hair can be initiated by many factors such as genetics lifestyle and stress. My hair used to be just so curly whyen i was little and i didnt have to use any product or anything for that matter in my hair.

Heavy hair products will naturally weigh your curls down and this can lead to dull roots. Then starting by the face grab one-inch-wide sections of hair and twist them so they mimic the curls on bottom says Lovell. I used to have longer hair that cut straight at the ends.

Less product will allow flexibility in the hair. But when my hair grows currently shoulder length layers growing out it looks like I have a mullet – no joke – as the top layers are fully gorgeous curls and the. Then my hair dresser gave me lovely layers which make the hair much lighter it doesnt hang so heavily any more and is lighter at the roots.

Even though a lot of hair gets cut away every time it actually looks fuller. My hair is straight on top and curly on bottom Source. Even with the best haircut I can still find my hair a little flat at the top.

It can remain dormant until activated and then it changes the shape of the hair follicle which changes the hair that grows from it. It takes shorter. The top is really curly but the bottom sections underneath are dead straight.

Or work with it like wear a half updo so that the part that wants to be straight can be and the part that wants to be curly can be also. We asked a celebrity hairstylist for the best hairstyles to get rid of it. Ok so i have a big problem.

Curly hair is flat in top not curly like bottom help. Now my hair is curly on the bottom and straight on the top. I dont do much to my hair no heat only a little product on the ends I just shower and let it go and this is how it naturally is.

My hair is flat on the top and then curly is there any way to make the top curl to add more volume. Just one single pass of the flat iron or curling iron can permanently alter your curl pattern says hairstylist David Lopez. My hair is like this the underlayer forms spirals sometimes the canopy is almost straight especially higher up.

There are ways to try and vanquish the flat top but I am far too lazy to master any of them so I just attempt to rock mine usually. Try some protein Soft curls will not have the body or strength to curl up and will fall flat. Try turning down.

She recently revealed to me that when she wears her hair down it appears to be all wavy and curlicious but when she lifts the curly top half of her hair up there are much straighter strands. The top half of my length is straight flat and seems to get greasy easily. Ive not had much success making the top curlier so for a more polished look I tend to blowdry so its all straight.

The bottom half is wavy full of volume and tends to feel dry. Use a spray or sheer liquid. I use so much cheap product on it and i curl alot of it to make it look the way that i want it to look.

I can pretty much guarantee it will change your life. Try turning down your hot tools halfway. Triangle hair happens when wavy or curly hair is flat on top and wide at the bottom.

Get a great curly haircut. It starts with your genetics. A protein treatment may help Homemade gelatin protein treatment for damaged curly hair.

Use a diffuser on the top which enhances curls and let the curly. You mentioned that your curls came back and this is normal too as you age and hormones in your body change your hair will too. I have the same hair and what works best ive found is definately using an anti frizz on the top as well as ends but not a thick cream as this can weigh down the curls.

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