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Keep adding thin strands of hair to the right and left sections before you cross them overunder to the middle. Use a dry shampoo.

How To French Braid Your Own Hair Step By Step Instructions Google Search French Braid Hairstyles Hair Braid Diy Braiding Your Own Hair

Do the same procedure with the left portion of hair.

French plait on yourself step by step. 1 Divide hair into four sections and number them 14 from the left. Previous Next Start Slideshow Spring Beauty DIY Beauty Hair Tutorials Beauty Trends. Once you get comfortable you can experiment with starting a braid lower down on your head.

Heyyyy this video is a simple tutorial on how to french braid your own hair 1. Make sure youve gathered an even amount of hair from each side. Then take the next strand by grabbing between curled index finger and thumb.

Ill show you How to French Braid Natural Hair for beginners step by step. 1 goes over No. Pull Back Front Section.

Once youve brushed through your hair take the top section roughly 13 and twist. Follow me on Instagram. Read ahead to see step-by-step photos and instructions on how you can re-create this side french braid yourself.

Move the braid at an angle so that it lines the middle of your parted section. The Sailors Knot Braid. This is literally my go to hairstyle and once you.

Start by brushing through your hair to untangle and remove any knots. In this tutorial well show you how to create a French pleat so you can get your hair gorgeously glamorous in less than three minutes. Give your hair texture and grip by spraying some dry shampoo all over the mid-lengths and ends of your hair.

Grab the original strand between index finger and curled middle finger. Gather a ½-inch piece of new hair from the side of your head add it to the left portion of hair and cross it under the middle portion of hair. This will ensure your french braid looks neat.

Gather the front section of your hair together in one hand. Use your fingers to divide the top of the section of hair on your right side into three smaller sections. This helps keep the braid tight and looking more polished.

I wanted to sit down today and film a step by step tutorial on how i french braid my own hair. Braid your hair toward the back of your head. Try to smooth down each section just after you cross it over.

Continue French braiding your hair until you reach the nape of your neck. Try to start as near the top of your head as possible. This step will help your braid stay in place longer especially if you have fine or very soft hair.

You can use this braiding technique to ac. Follow the Steps Below. Brush and Clip Hair.

Begin French Braiding Credit. Start your French braid with one row of a traditional braid which you can do by first crossing the right strand into the center then crossing the left strand into the center. You will begin the double braids as you would if you were creating 2 separate braids.

Combining Double French Braids into 1 Braid 1 Start 2 separate braids but clip or tie them just below your nape. Keep braiding in this manner until you have added all outside hair to the braid and have reached the nape of your neck. Put a small amount of gel on the edges of the hair on the right side of your head and brush your hair upward and away from your face.

Verity Jane Smith Start by creating a standard 3 strand plait weaving left over middle right over the middle. As you prepare to repeat your braid grab a small section of new hair from the area of hair you wish to include in your braid and incorporate it into the next cross. The next step is to pull section A over section B leaving section A in the middle of the three sections.

This allows you in the next step to rock your hand forward and release the first strand. Repeat the process of adding hair to the front and back strands and passing them over the middle strand to create your French braid. Pull section B tightly to the left.

Keep the tightness of your braids the same as you go along so that it looks even. Heres How to French Braid Natural Hair. From here all you need to do is take up more hair from the surrounding area pulling it into the braid as you go.

This will give you a neater braid.

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