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That said before embarking on your loc journey its important that you familiarize yourself with the five different stages. Both dreads as well as locks may be traced back to the same word.

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Sisterlocks on the other hand are lighter and much easier to style in an updo since you have thinner sections of dreads.

Dreadlocks vs locs. Getting braids is much different than starting dreadlocks. That I do understand and respect. Dreads was a hairstyle that came from the Rastafarian tradition.

They also get heavier the longer your dreadlocks grow. Personally I feel their is no difference. When you ask Rastafarians about this many will tell you that the difference between locs and dreadlocks is that one is a hairstyle and the other one is a lifestyle.

Dreads are the hair that is naturally knot together and forms mats or dreadlocks. So what is the difference between dreads and locks. As long as you have enough hair to grip and twist youre good to go.

The amount of money I spend on new products for my hair was way more than I used for locing. 12 Dreadlocks Salons and Studio You Should Definitely Visit In London Hair Curb says. The Terms Locs vs Dreadlocks Not that we want to put up sides and call one side our rivalry and the other our crew as the term vs may imply we just want to let you know why here at Dr Locs we prefer to refer to our locs as locs minus the dread which has a variety of implications.

I dont always make a point of correcting. Dreads and locks are different from each other in a matter of perception and personal expression. Theyre high-maintenance at first so you should know what youre getting into.

The style came in contact with Jamaican culture through the slavery of Indians. Now that I have locs I will want to keep them just below shoulder length or shorter for this reason. Spending money on products.

You can create more intricate styles with them if your prefer. Locs Loose Hair. Though I called my own hair locs other people called them dreads dreadlocks etc.

In order to get your hair braided youre going to need a couple of inches of hair. Dreads are represented as a hippie or untidy way of keeping way and also have a negative history. Locs Dreadlocks Dreads Locs Dreadhead Rasta and the list goes on.

Though it is said that the idea of dreads originated from the Bible. However there is a difference between the two both in matters of perception as well as in personal expression. Even with shoulder length locs now I do miss the lightness of having loose hair sometimes.

However many loc wearerscheck out novelist Tomi Adeyemi rocking a two-tone style aboveproudly call themselves dreads and debate the recorded history of the term dreadlocks. Locs have more defined roots than. For more information on how to start dreads with interlocking see my post.

When getting dreadlocks for the first time you dont need a lot of hair. Dreadlocks however generally take significantly less time to install since they are bigger than sisterlocks. While dreads may still hold something of the painful history.

The hairstyle is cultivated dreads are not. In my mind I also thing of the free forming locs as dreads and the maintained locs as locs. When slave trade existed this hairstyle was quite common amongst the slaves.

The Difference Between Dreadlocks And Locs Reply. Whether you do it yourself or go to a hair professional that deals with dreadlocks the time will vary based on the above-mentioned factors hair length hair thickness and speed. Traditional locs are a bit difficult to style as they are usually thicker sections of hair.

The debate will go on forever but to get a basic idea about their difference lets ponder on which one is a better hairstyle. If youre wondering about how to start dreads with palm-rolling it is used a lot in maintaining locs but seldom do people actually start their locks by doing it. They are free-formed to make a statement.

Locks are the grooming technique of the people of African and Nubian descent. If youre new to the world of dreadlocks or locs as theyre often calledthen you need to know what youre dealing with before deciding that theyre the hair leap you want to take next. Feb 1 2009 5 I didnt know there was a difference.

Feb 1 2009 4 I thought they were interchangeable words that mean the same thing. I have heard all of these terms used interchangeably to refer to my hair. While many people may think dreadlocks originated in Jamaica this is incorrect.

Dreads and locks trace back to the same word dreadlocks. Before Jamaicans many cultures have worn dreadlocks such as the Yogis of India and Egyptians. Instead of dread being used in a negative way dreads will instead relay the respectful meaning of the term along with how its used in certain parts of the.

I say locs just because I like that word better. LIKESHARESUBSCRIBE – Dreads vs Locswhich side are you on. If you want to read more on the dreadlocks vs locs subject check the brilliant post by Afrocks Head of content Nathalie.

And I didnt trip because just like natural hair locs arent really mainstream in the black community so most people arent educated about them including what they should or shouldnt be called. Some westerners only copied the hairstyle while others followed the cultural aspects of the Rastafarian tradition while locs traditionally came from African or Nubian descent. Interlocs vs Sisterlocks vs Palm-rolled locks.

Locs have a well kept tidier look about them when compared to Dreads.

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