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So if you want to give your dreadlocks-to-be the best possible start and lifetime please read on. Hence it is predominantly recommended to fashion the squares in a zig-zag format to achieve a more natural look.

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You need to take a small section of hair with the help of a comb and make one inch sized squares.

Dreadlock sectioning size. 1 x size ring. Section size section pattern hair density is a big issue. Read them well for a better understanding.

If your hair is very fine the size bundles may vary your diameter of hair may be smaller than a pencil and create sections of hair that are too big. Sections that are too big leave unnecessary space between the dreads. Dread Braids Dreads Short Hair Dreadlocks Girl Locs Dreads Styles Curly Hair Styles Shorts Dreads Teil Dreads Starting.

Bundles of hair about the size of a 2 pencil are good for dreadlocks of average size about 14 inch in diameter. The sectioning for this row will be off set so the braids or dreadlocks fall over the part lines of the sections just below. Jun 14 2014 – Fantastic Fan pattern for sectioning AND sectioning size chart.

The only way is to do one dread and see how much hair can give you your desired thickness. Try to keep the size of the sections as uniform as possible. The amount of hair of each division determines the size of the dread.

We do a lot by feel and intuition but we can tell you that if you are trying to determine how large a dreadlock from a section of hair will be take the straight undreaded section and twist it tightly. Aug 4 2014 – Chart of how to section dreads to achieve different sizes. 1 x Hairdressing scissors 1 x Hairdressing thinning scissors.

Secure these squares with elastic bands or hair clips and apply some dread locking cream or gel into the sections that have been created by you. Its the one thing with your dreads that never changes and it influences the dread size and direction. Typically the bottom row has three sections.

Two people may get different sized dreads doing similar sized sections. If a couple are a little bigger or a little smaller than what you wanted dont fret. Hair is weird stuff.

Kinky Afro hair with medium or thick extensions 40-60 extensions. – Dread Surgery Non Compulsory – Extensions and installing – Washing and deep cleansing – You will also receive the lokkticians starter kit. Carve your second row.

Its DreadCodeThis week I will be talking about sizing your dreadlock sectioningDreadcode answers FAQs gives advice and helps the av. 2 x weaver hooks 1 x Head for sectioning. The two patterns we prefer and have always used is the brick pattern and the fan pattern.

Sectioning is when you square off your head into a chess board type arrangement. The sections and rows in between the squares tend to be visible in the finished dreads. It depends on your haircut how thick your hair is and the diameter of the dreadlock itself.

Here is the average. For a neater overall appearance one needs to plan to make a uniform dread size. Kinky Afro hair with skinny extensions 80-120 extensions.

Sectioning is the foundation of your dreadlock journey and is a springboard that will determine the ease and ability to maintain them as they grow and mature. DREADLOCKS SECTIONING THICKNESS. The amount of hair about the size of a pencil is good for dreadlocks of average size about 15 inch in diameter.

The dreadlock will end up about 30 50 larger than the twist. Jun 14 2014 – Fantastic Fan pattern for sectioning AND sectioning size chart. If your hair is very fine the size of the division can vary the diameter of the hair may be smaller.

18 strandspack 6packsorder 6 packs make a full head. Starting at the nape carve off a row and section off your center brick. Brick partings are sectioned off row-by-row.

Sectioning is the MOST important part to a dreadlock install. As a guide my clients usually end up with 45-60 dreads but the number is never pre-planned. Side Down Hairstyles.

1 x Protective tape 2 x Thumb protector. If you are using the fan pattern its a slightly less precise job of figuring out how big to make the sections. As a general rule if you were to make sections that are approx 1 inch X 1 inch you would create what I would call medium sized dreads.

These are a few factors that will help you select the best dreadlock extension. You just need to part your hair with the help of a comb instead of clumping the hair together with the brush. Even on your own head if you use constant sized sections the thickness wont be the same all over.

Straight hair with medium or thick extensions 40-50 extensions. 1 x comb 1 x Synthetic hair. Also as a general rule a dreadlock will eventually fatten up to about ½ the size of the section you create.

The thickness of your dreadlocks will be heavily dependent on the size of the sections you make. Unless youre going with the neglectnaturalfree-form method then chances are youre going to need to section your head. Buy Now at Amazon Things to consider before purchasing dreadlocks.

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