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You will need. Then part off the top and middle sections of your hair using hair-bands.

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Todays video is a quick DIY since im not able to get my hair pro.

Diy trim natural hair. Im bacccckkkkIts been a minute. Bring your hair to the front and snip at an angle or straight depending on if you prefer a. Im trying to grow o.

Shop My Natural Hair Product Line. The goal is to cut or trim the hair about a one-fourth of an inch above the damage point. Dont worry I got yall.

Trim your hair a quarter of an inch above the split to ensure healthy hair. I do this whenever my hair is excessively shedding or I have straggly en. The video by Klassy Kinks below highlights three common ways of cutting hair.

Sometimes you dont have the money to go to your hairstylist and you feel confident enough that you can do it yourself at home. The Search and Destroy Method. When it comes to the maintenance of your hair trimming is an essential part.

Here are 4 video tutorials describing the main ways to trim natural hair. Most stylists recommend that you trim your hair once every 3-4 months depending on the health of your hair. I am not a professional but i have been trimming my own hair for the past 5 years.

Hold the twist or braid at zero degrees closest to the shoulder area and snip the less dense strands. If you treat your hair exceedingly well you might not accumulate split ends for 6-8 months. How to Trim Natural Hair Yourself.

Were big fans of DIY when it comes to hair from making your own masks to at-home dye touch-ups and even the occasional careful bang trimCutting your own hair however is a tougher sell. Ultimately you should trim your hair when your ends warrant it. In this video I show you how I trim my dry stretched natural hair.

Today I will be showing you my newly adopted at home DIY trimming routine for my natural hair. If this is the case there are YouTube tutorials with techniques that you can use to trim your own hair at home. Now starting with the bottom part divide off a 2 to 3 inch piece of hair and use your fingers to pinch the bottom about an inch from the tips.

When you want your hair to be stretched before trimming it but youd prefer not to use heat banding works like a charm. Yup cutting your hair at home is actually doable. Trimming your hair feels like losing length.

Ahead we rounded up the easiest tutorials for DIY trims layers bangs curls waves and so much more. This method makes it easy to visualize thinning and out-of-place ends. Trim hair against a white background so you can easily see the damage and where to cut.

Trimming is necessary in order to combat breakage and split endsKeeping up with regular trimming will lead to healthier hair and help maximize growthI have no problem trimming my clients hair but always offer easy at-home tips for a do-it-yourself trim. To trim hair at home first wash your hair and lightly towel-dry it so its damp. This is the most time consuming method but it does have the added benefit of conserving the most hair.

Simply part your hair into sections like Kim and wrap hair bands around each section. This is done on wet hair and does not use heat or. This trimming technique can be used as often as needed.

Trim Hair Based on Curl Pattern For wavy hair. If your hair is straight you can use these three methods to make sure your DIY cut is nice and even. In this video I show you how I Trim and cut my natural hair at home.

Tired of having someone giving you a bigchop haircut rather than a trim. However if you find yourself frequently conducting these search and destroy missions its best to consider a more comprehensive trimming method. You need patience and diligence to filter through individual strands and cut away only damaged split ends or knots.

If you wear your hair in w. Here is a video on how to trim natural hair yourself. So today Im going to show you how I TrimCut my natural hair at home.

Aim to snip at a straight 90-degree angle. Hope everyone is doing well especially during this time. But most of us dont trim our hair as often as we should for two reasons.

When cutting your hair always use a hair shear or scissors.

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