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We tapped Devachan curl expert Nicolle Lemonds to get the scoop on the various natural hair types so you can step away informed. To keep their curl patterns displayed in the most defined way these are all essential tools.

18 Curly Girl Hair Care Hacks Types Of Curls Natural Hair Styles Hair Type Chart

From type 2 wavy to 3C corkscrews and 4A coils there are so many different natural hair patterns it can be quite difficult to determine which style you have and what products to use.

Different curl patterns natural hair. Our hair type system modeled after celebrity stylist Andre Walkers definitions of hair types details the different hair types found within the. Since your hair is free of dirt oil and product buildup your true natural curl pattern can shine through. Thats why curls crave nourishing hydrating products.

What are the different types of natural hair. Your hair type is actually dependent on the shape of the hair follicle on your scalp. Like all hair types Type 2 hair has three sub-categories.

2A will be straight at the root until about midway down the hair shaft at which point the end will slightly twirl. There are three types and these are type 2 type 3 and type 4. Although you cannot change your curl pattern at all EVER you can manipulate it with styling techniques.

I had taken the quiz on NaturallyCurly and pored over pictures of each type wondering why my hair never seemed to fit any particular one aside from the fact that it looked different every day due to my underdeveloped skills and. If youre well versed in the natural hair world you know to refer to these textures as Type 2 wavy Type 3 curly and Type 4 coily. 3B3C 4A 4B 4C.

You cannot change that. 4C is described as a more afro state where curls are so tight they appear non- existent. Wavy curly and coily hair.

For those who rather not style their hair with a wash and go ie. Hair is primarily made of cysteine a sulfur-containing amino acid Wilkerson says. Straight Coarse Kinky – Blow Out.

It helps your hair to go back to the form it was initially in. I did not realize that curls can come in different types. Takes on a tight crimpy pattern.

Get in on trendy styles like the half-updo with your curly hair texture. The curls tend to be the width of a pencil and are quite springy. Coarse Kinky Fro – 4b-4c Hair Texture.

Now that I have been able to identify what my hair type is I thought Id share with you what I learned. The sub classifications – from A to C – are based upon the diameter of the wave curl or coil. These products should have all-natural products this will help your hair have better texture.

All curly hair has natural arcs and angles that expose openings in the cuticle layer allowing natural moisture and nutrients to escape. Has a clearly defined curl pattern. Lets explore the different causes behind the loosening of curls.

About this time last year. 4A is described as a tight and coarse curl pattern. Straight Light Yaki – Silk Press.

Afro hair needs training many a time because it is extremely dry and needs help to go back to its original form. There are many different curl patterns wavy hair curly hair and coily hair. A few different patterns as all.

Identifying your curl shape and pattern or patterns is best determined while your hair is sopping wet. However this is nothing that should make your natural hair care routine harder than any one elses it just requires that you treat the area that has a different texture slightly differently than you would the curl pattern that is more dominant throughout the rest of your hair. Whats Your Curl Pattern.

The chemical bonds in your hair also contribute to your curl pattern. The way process of getting your hair to curl is called curl training. Type 1s are straight Type 2s are wavy Type 3s are curly and Type 4s.

Spiral Curls – 3b-3c Hair Texture. In my case I have hair type 4b throughout the majority of my hair. Curly and kinky hair types are both cool and beautiful.

The key to properly moisturizing and adding definition to natural hair curl patterns is to use products that use natural ingredients like olive oil coconut oil and other essential oils. Hair type and curl pattern describe the specific shape of your hair strands the way it naturally grows. Your curl pattern is determined by genes.

These strands are the most fragile of the hair types. Straight Coarse Yaki – Texture Between Silk Press. Some peoples hair is curly other people have kinky hair.

Similar to pores in the skin hair follicles are the holes from which your hair grows. Curl types that tend to shrink into super short curls you can create this look on a twist out or braid out. Kinky Curly – 3c-4a Hair Texture.

Why does the hair lose its natural curl pattern. Type 4c Hair consist of a Z shaped zigzag pattern and shows little or no defined sections of hair. All of these get ruined because of a couple of reasons.

There are three main natural textures. Type 4b Hair is clearly defined and had a clear curl pattern. Here are the facts on curl pattern.

Ladies with Type 2B hair will be straight at the roots of your hair but begin to make a large barrel curl halfway down the hair shaft. Cantu Shea Moisture and Olive Oil utilize those ingredients. I found out I had more than one type of curl about 3 months into my curly hair journey.

NaturallyCurlys curl type system focuses on types 2 wavy types 3 curly and types 4 coily. The texture of. Thats where we come in.

4B is described as a zig zag shaped curl mostly referred to as a kinky curl. Unlike straight hair scalp oils cant travel down the curly hair shaft which leaves curls prone to dryness.

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