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The sub classifications – from A to C – are based upon the diameter of the wave curl or coil. Andre walker developed this hair ty.

How To Figure Out Your Curl Type And Why It Actually Helps Curly Hair Styles Naturally Hair Styles Curly Hair Styles

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Curly hair pattern chart. 4A hair is the the most defined among the three categories of type 4 hair. But not all curly hair is the same. Learn all about your curly coily hair textures with our Curl Guide.

Everything form 1-4c both naturally wavy hair and kinky-curly hair can be seen here. Granted the S may be a lower case s or upper case S or it may even resemble a Z on some occasionshowever there is a definite curl pattern in place with our without products. See more ideas about natural hair styles curly hair styles hair type.

Naturals who are type 4 hair have many challenges beyond curl definition. Look at these natural hair curl pattern charts to find out. Type 4a hair forms a tight S pattern while type 4b hair forms a tight Z pattern.

How to figure out your curl pattern Styling curly hair is one thingidentifying your curl type is a whole other ball game. Whats YOUR Curl Pattern. Type 1s are straight Type 2s are wavy Type 3s are curly and Type 4s.

NaturallyCurlys curl type system focuses on types 2 wavy types 3 curly and types 4 coily. This hair type guide serves to explain your hair type and includes a few tips to best care for your hair. Check this page out to see PATTERNs suggestions for 3C 4A 4B 4C curls.

We are centered around the celebration of Black Beauty. One of the most-used and famous ways to categorise different types of curls is celebrity hair stylist Andre Walkers Hair Typing System. Curly hair strands cluster together and wind around the shape themselves in a spiral or looser curl she adds.

Our guide helps you determine which curl pattern you have the best type of natural hair products you should be using. We are Black-owned Black-founded. Identifying Your Curl Pattern.

Heres what the numbers mean on this curly hair chart. In fact the pattern is more of an O and it is coily. 4c hair is the last subtype on the curl pattern chart and it is the curliest of all hair types.

4C coils wrap around themselves with little to no drop to the curl. Similar to 4B textures 4C hair is tightly coiled so much so you might not see its zigzag pattern without stretching it. Do you have the same curl.

Curly hair is expressed in a spectrum of curl types hence the need to categorize and know what type of curly hair you have so as to be able to make the most out of it. Curly Hair Textures CURLY HAIR. CURLY COILY TIGHT TEXTURED community.

So use our curly hair types chart below to figure out what natural curly hair pattern youve got. Whether theyre softly spiraled or coily and voluminous curls are undeniably beautiful. Type 3 hair is curly hair.

Nov 15 2020 – Dont know your hair type or curl pattern. BY Cristina Cleveland. The most common system was created by Oprah Winfrey s stylist Andre Walker in the 90s and combines numbers and letters to refer to different curls.

Determining your hair type is a starting point to finding the right products and styles for your hair. How do you classify different curls. Unlike 4B and 4C hair these curls have a visible S-shaped pattern.

Lets take a step back. We are an active space for uplifting loving our authentic beauty. Identifying your curl shape and pattern or patterns is best determined while your hair is sopping wet.

9319 So you bought hair products with the word curl on the bottles and watched a few tutorials by a YouTuber who has your dream curls but for some reason your hair still isnt coming out the way you want it to. It can be difficult to know which tips to follow without knowing your hair type. What is Hair Typing.

Welcome back to another curly hair video. If you pull a strand of a type 3 curly you will notice it has a definite S shape. How to find your curl type and care tips for the four types of hair texture from 2A to 3B to 4C plus a curly hair type chart to help you identify your curl pattern.

Jan 19 2021 – Explore Brianna Parkers board Curl pattern Chart on Pinterest. While it can seem intimidating at first figuring out your curl type is actually pretty easy when it is broken down into this unofficially official guide to curly hair. Hair type and curl pattern describe the specific shape of your hair strands the way it naturally grows.

In todays video I will be discussing the curly hair pattern chart. Every texture behaves differentlyand understanding your unique curl pattern is the first step to keeping your hair healthy and strong. This curl pattern chart can help you determine your hair type by matching a number to the shape your hair adopts when it grows from your scalp.

This is a guide to Curly Hair Types a guide that is essential for those men with wavy coiled curly kinky and afro-textured hair. Curly hair types chart.

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