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Keratin gives hair its structure and strength for health. So if you have protein-sensitive hair or protein-overload natural hair I will be recommending ten protein-free deep conditioners you can try in your natural hair on your next wash day.

Protein Overload In 2019 Curly Hair Styles Natural Hair Styles Deep Conditioner

Find out what types of shampoos conditioners and styling products are best suited for this hair type.

Caucasian hair protein overload. Do you need it. How can you tell. Protein overload occurs when you give your hair too much protein.

Its definitely possible to get protein overload if you use too much of it. Using products containing the slightest bit of protein may worsen the protein overload. If youve been giving your hair lots of attention with new shampoo moisturising masks or treatments but your hair STILL feels straw-like chances are you have too much protein buildup.

You must always keep your hair balanced with protein AND moisture. The basics about protein and hair. Have you ever looked at Caucasian or Asian hair close up.

See related links to what you are looking for. And yes protein overload is real. This post has been quite long but hopefully informative.

Just like having a protein deficiency it is possible to have too much protein in your hair but again its super rare. So if your hair just doesnt feel the way it use to but you cant find a solution you could be dealing with excess protein. Protein overload is often the culprit when your hair is acting up but you cant quite figure out why.

Hair can be dry and brittle from improper diet chemical treatments like color or straightening climate medical illnesses or even medication. Stay away from protein based products until moisture is restored to your hair. If the products youre using are very protein heavy and the.

Moreover since hair is made up of protein it might surprise you to know that it doesnt require as much protein as it is said that they do. I used to have damaged hair and started using a bunch of different kinds of deep conditioners. That my dears is moisture overload.

Refusing to incorporate protein into your regimen will leave you with limp mushy hair that breaks. If you already have a protein buildup issue know that you can solve the problem. What you need to be aware ofProducts with Proteinhttpsyoutubes.

As protein overload is real so also is moisture overload. However it is not the only key ingredient required for hair. Maybe check if you old products had protein in them too.

Simply put its when the hair has too much protein so the moisture and protein levels are unbalanced. With low porosity hair its not easy for moisture to penetrate the hair. To stop protein overload youll need to balance the protein with more moisture.

What does it do. How Can You Tell If You Have Protein Overload. I didnt know that using deep conditioners could put to much protein in your hair therefor making it dry and brittle.

Protein overload hair can set you back in your natural hair journey. Aside from the obvious curl difference a microscopic cross section view of Asian hair revels that it is round in shape Caucasian hair varies from oval to round while. Moisture overload is much easy to correct than protein overload.

Protein build up results in dry sometimes snappy hair I had it and didnt realize it and blamed my products. How to Treat Protein Overload. Were often asked whether using products with too much keratin protein can be responsible for causing dry brittle and lack lustre hairThere are a multitude of reasons as to why you might be joining the dry side but if you know youve been on your best bhaviour and havent been acting as your own hair saboteur via excessive colouring highlighting perming heating etc then you could be a victim of protein-overload.

Healthy hair needs water. Deep conditioning after each wash alone should be enough. While hair does require it to flourish properly a balance has to be maintained in order to keep your hair healthy and happy.

Protein overload in our hair is upsetting the delicate balance of moisture and protein. It is not always just the products we use that can make our hair dry so it is important to find out the. It may sound like a strange question but relatively early in my hair journey I wanted to know what it was about black hair that made it different from other hair types.

How can i remove protein from hair. Here are the top two ways to get more moisture into your hair. However if you are doing the greenhouse method DC etc you could easily switch from protein overload to moisture overload.

Several types of protein make up a hair strand but the major protein that makes up the hair is keratin. It just takes patience and dedication. Therefore sticking with a moisture only regimen is important to regaining the right moisture levels within your hair.

Simply put if your hair breaks easily has an. Protein overload happens when you add too much protein to the hair. Heres how to identify protein buildup and how to treat it.

My hair is naturally dry too I find stiffness to mean it is a protein overloaddrier than usual. What is too much protein varies from head to head. Some people have protein sensitive hair so using even a little bit of protein on their hair can push them to the brink of overload.

I have Caucasian Thick Dry hair.

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