Can You Do A Sock Bun With Curly Hair

Now simply roll all of your hair onto the sock until you reach the base of your ponytail. Taking just a few minutes to put your hair up in a sock bun before you go to sleep will result in pretty wavy hair when you wake up in the morning.

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Can you do a sock bun with curly hair. Do this by cutting the tip of the sock off so its open at the end. But do NOT over wet it. Here is a front view.

When you wake in the morning you take out your sock and ponytail and are left with gorgeous curls. Slide the sock onto your ponytail then pull it as close to the tip of your hair as you can. It should be a similar color to your hair so that it blends in and make sure the elastic at the top is very firm.

If you use an old sock with stretched out elastic your curls will be looser. Cut out the toe of. See more ideas about how to curl your hair sock bun curls curled hairstyles.

See more ideas about sock bun curls how to curl your hair curls. However you do it youll end up with a headful of knotted socks with hair wrapped around each. If you are going to give the sock bun curls a try do it at a time that gives you the option to try again in case it does not work for your hair type.

You should now have all of the ends of your hair neatly underneath the sock ring so you can begin rolling the hair onto the sock. But its also an easy no-heat way to curl your hair. While you will try to make all the hair cover it completely you do not want it to peek through your hair if the bun comes apart.

Sep 15 2018 – Explore Bev McGuires board Sock bun curls on Pinterest. Make sure to dampen your hair before you put it up so that it it dries overnight in a curled position. To use a sock to make a bun cut the toe end off and roll the sock into a donut or ring shape.

Dont want to use this tutorial as an opportunity to repurpose an old gym sock. Then roll the sock down slowly gathering your hair in a ring as you go. By dampening your hair before you roll it up into the sock bun and leaving it in to dry for several hours youll end up with soft natural-looking curls that will definitely turn heads.

Since every type of hair reacts differently to styling methods I cannot give you all the answers but I hope that you will experiment on your own so that you can make this work for you. All of them come with pictures and you can also watch a video at the end of this tutorial. Its great for buns for curly hair because of the structure the donut provides.

If need be mist the wrapped up hair with a bit more water to dampen just a little more. Yeah start with the bun at the ends and roll the hair around it like a giant soft curler towards your scalp. Sock buns are a hairstyle using a donut bun sponge to create a classy little girl hairstyle that can be used as a high or low bun.

When you take it down your hair will look naturally wavy. Its easy to create and can have a messy or pulled-together look. Choose a soft new sock as it will sit in your hair for several hours or overnight in order to form the curls.

This is how we did it. Tuck any remaining hair under the center of the donut. These pics were taken eight hours after taking the sock bun out this morning and the curls are still going strong.

Doing a sock bun with thick curly hair only requires the right tools and the appropriate technique. Find out how to do a sock bun with thick curly hair with help from a hair stylist in this free. First no matter your hair type you need to prepare your sock.

You might alternate wrapping the hair forward and backwards around the sock to create a bit of variation in the curl pattern that develops. Pull a second sock over your bun so it is covered to keep things nice and snug while you sleep. In order to create sock curls you need to make a DIY hair donut.

Creating a big sock bun isnt always easy on your first try. Start rolling the sock down so your hair is being fed through the hole then up and around the sock. A tighter smaller sock will lead to tighter curls.

I have also found that using TWO sock buns gives me a more evenly curled look. But if you have curly hair to begin with the added texture is bound to make styling significantly easier. Curly Bun with Highlights.

Instead of wrapping the hair around the bun wrap the bun around the hair. Dont be afraid to let flyaways do their thing messiness and a certain amount of undone texture wont hurt. A sock bun is an easy inexpensive way to beef up the look of your top knot.

Basically you take a sock snip off the toe roll the sock into a donut shape place your slightly-damp hair in a ponytail on the top of your head and then roll your hair around the sock and sleep on it all night. Below you will find 12 easy steps on how to make a sock bun.

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