Bleaching Porous Hair

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Heat-protectant sprays and serums such as our Perfecting Spray will help shield your hair from moisture evaporation under blow-dryers irons and tongs. Give your hair a minimum time of a month or two before fixing your next bleaching appointment.

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This really changes how we color our hair and there are some important things to know so lets talk about each type of porosity.

Bleaching porous hair. Theres evidence that suggests excessive chemical processing like bleaching alters the hair porosity though the reason isnt exactly clear and will depend on your original hair structure and color. If your hair is already damaged and porous you will need to be more gentle with the process than if you were bleaching super healthy hair. Hair porosity is your hairs ability to absorb and retain moisture.

Desperate4curls Registered Users Posts. This is a particular hazard during heat styling. How Often Can You Bleach Your Hair.

Bleaching is a harsh process and must not be done too frequently. Hair porosity is a term thats used to describe how easily your hair is able to soak up and retain moisture. After bleaching your hairs cuticle outer layer will be raised making your hair more vulnerable to moisture evaporation.

The opposite situation is resistant hair which is as implied more resistant to bleaching. Animal studies have shown that excessive use of bleaching agents can cause scalp burns 1. Depending on how porous your hair is it may be classified as having high medium or.

Lets take a look at how to identify porous hair and the best ways to bring it back to a healthy balance. Knowing what type of hair porosity you have can help you understand how to manage treat and care for your hair. It is also speculated that bleach can penetrate the hair shaft leaving it porous and vulnerable to damage.

Hair with high porosity retains too much moisture. Using the wrong developer strength also increases the amount of damage done to your hair. Chemical treatments like coloring and bleaching are the main causes of porous hair but damage from harsh weather and fabrics can make the problem worse.

Unlike normal hair that only allows necessary amounts of moisture to penetrate the scales of the outer cuticle porous hair absorbs liquid like a sponge. As the bleaching solution comes into contact with the hair shaft it causes the hair to enlarge triggering a separation in the cuticle scales that make up your hair. Hair bleaching products will cost you less than 40 but keep in mind you may need.

Hi Ive got dark brown virgin low porosity hair as seen in title and Id like to get light brown highlights for the summer. Too much bleaching though can damage your hair. Theres no doubt that bleaching makes your hair more porous.

If hair is too porous it doesnt just absorb moisture it loses it quickly as well making hair dry and brittle. Bleaching highlighting and excessive heat styling can make your hair more porous Lopez says. Luckily repairing bleach-damaged hair doesnt have to be complicated as long as you have the right products and take a multi-step approach to tackle the multiple issues of dryness damage and loss of shine.

If your hair is super-fine or youre experiencing any kind of porosity issues such as frizziness dryness and breakage leave the bleaching to your professional colorist who can use the most. March 2012 in Coloring Your Hair. Youre stripping the melanin out of your hair and basically leaving your shaft bare This sounds scary even as I type it.

Though this is necessary for the dye to penetrate the hair thereby altering its color it actually makes the hair much more porous than before. Developer volume – has a fairly linear effect on hair bleachinghigher volume equals more lightening. You need to take into account that the cuticle doesnt need to be lifted as much to expose the pigments.

Already damaged cuticle will make the hair more porous making the bleaching process more damaging. Frequent application of bleach can make you hair porous dry full of split ends and prone to breakage. So if your hair is already fairly porous you may want to reconsider because making it more porous can result in moisture loss and.

Hair that is too porous has a difficulty retaining moisture and maintaining protein balance and prone to damage and breakage. Porous hair bleaches more readily a lot of the time because the product has an easier time getting inside the hair due to weakened cuticles. I almost never use heat on it either how bad would it damage my hair.

DERMAdoctor explains that your hairs cuticle is made of tiny keratin scales that overlap one another. Since bleach and dye are liquid chemicals that we add to our hair our porosity will be the one to decide how much and how quickly we soak up those chemicals. Bleaching Virgin Low Porosity Hair.

You get hair follicles that are more porous making your hair both drier and more prone to breaking. When your hair has high porosity frizz and dryness are going to be a constant battle. This is often caused by chemically altering the hair such as bleaching andor heat damage.

However bleaching agents can be harsh and the procedure often changes the porosity and elasticity of the hair making it dry brittle and prone to breakage see why its a little more.

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