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While hydrogen peroxide is used primarily used for treating. Its also very helpful for repairing damaged hair.

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Also prior to bleaching or colouring your hair make sure your dreadlocks are very healthy.

Bleached locs damage. Spray bottle with 14 cup glycerin 13 cup olive oil water and five drops of lavender essential oil for fragrance. Those with light-colored dreads can simply use hair dye on them to make them darker but there are ways to make them lighter without bleach. Bleaching your dreads can really damage them so you should choose other options when dyeing them.

Since then Ive cut the ends off due to excessive damage. How to dye dark hair naturally I decided to try bleaching my hair at home and using a commercial dye in order to achieve a deeper redI had a lot of apprehension about bleaching locs as it always poses a high risk of damage. Air-dry your dreads and avoid heated styling tools such as blow dryers which can further damage your hair.

In this video I share my experience with bleaching. However mature dreads can benefit from conditioners. To make your own leave-in conditioner fill an 8 oz.

Do Not Tie Knots Into Thinning Locs. Because you are already stripping your hair from its natural colour and nutrients so adding more bleach will severely damage your dreadlocks. Spritz dreads daily with a leave-in conditioning moisturizer.

I think bleaching will just always damage your hair even if its only a little bit. Therefore add back the nutrients and allow your dreads to absorb them before you try to fix the colour. The last time I attempted to bleach my hair it was a disaster and the color didnt take after I had orange spots red spots smh.

I should have never allowed them to do that. The amount of damage that my hair went through still makes me cringe to this day. Should you bleach or color your locs to get blonde locs Follow Me.

Did bleaching damage my locs. Any product left behind can cause additional damage. Cursing in the video Soooo Peeps it has been a little over a month since i completely over processed my hair.

Damage can occur for a variety of reasons to include overunder maintenance medication styling and bleach. Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide are the most common agents used in bleaching the hair. Use a shampoo and conditioner that will not mess with your colored hair and drain it of the dye.

While a dreadlock is thicker than a single strand of hair it can endure enough damage to eventually thin out and break off. Aside from protein treatments and hair masks theres a third restorative treatment that can help damaged hair. Dyes and bleaches are generally made up of very harsh chemicals.

My locs were a lot drier afterwards and now I have to drink a shit ton of water to keep them soft. Always plan before bleaching your dreadlocks. Moreover a salon that caters to people with natural hair wouldve known better.

Prep Your Dreadlocks Before Bleaching. In order to achieve the purple and blue locs I wanted the stylist bleached my hair 3 times. While I loved the look that I achieved with natural hair dye and no bleach See my post.

My hair is in the process of forgiving me for. I took it to far. Due to how roughly the dreadlocks must be handled in order to rinsewash them as thoroughly as possible following dying or bleaching them we do recommend waiting at least 2 3 month following the placement of new dreadlocks to bleach or dye your new dreadlocks.

And to be fair Im more of a leave-em-alone type of person so Im sure I could have been better about moisturizing my locs and deep conditioning them more often. Im writing this video a day after recording this video. Bleaching is the most damaging of all the coloring methods and should be done professionally.

This was my third mistake. The actual amount of damage depends on the amount of color change. This clients locs dread locs was damaged by bleaching her hair we are going to put in a cranial and give her extensions.

Products infused with Jamaican Castor and coconut oil like the Shea Moisture will add moisture into your bleached dreadlocks. A good suggestion would be Giovanni 5050 Balanced Hydrating-Clarifying Shampoo. Using conditioner in your locs is a controversial topic in the dreadlocks community.

Common forms of loc damage include short broken hairs at the base weak spots within the locs breaking locs matting and thinning edges. Olaplex is commonly used in salons to help strengthen and reconstruct hair strands during the bleaching process. Im wondering if I should just pay a professional.

So do not assume that just because you have dreads youll avoid any consequences from mishandling your hair. Side note this isnt my first time with locs I had it before for 7yrs bleached dyed and it always worked. Bleaching raises the hairs cuticle and allows the bleaching agent to fully penetrate the hair shaft.

However mature dreads can benefit from conditioners. Right after dyeing your locks make sure to rinse off all traces of hair dye or else you will risk serious hair fall and breakage because of the damage.

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