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In this video I will be doing a natural hair Bantu Knots Tutorial using The Perfect Hair Products. Bantu knots hairstyles for wet hair are depending upon your texture and length.

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The Bantu knots themselves are one style that can be worn for a few days.

Bantu knots 4b hair. Stretch out your hair. Using the praying hands technique apply all of your products to each. Bantu Knots are a 2 for 1 special.

Alternatively you can allow the knots to air dry. In this video i show you how i achieve my best bantu knots. If you think Bantu knots are actually knots in your hair think again.

Use a rattail comb to separate your hair into sections. The style can give you two styles. How To Do Bantu Knots.

How to – perfect Bantu knots on natural hair transitioning hair. Bantu knots on very short hair is a clear demonstration. If you wish to wear the knots as a style then you can blow dry or sit under a hair dryer to dry your hair immediately.

We must say that African American women with 4b and 4c hair usually crush the bantu knot out hairstyles. Before we dive into all of the stunning Bantu knot styles you can choose fromthere are a lotyou need the 4-1-1 on this trendy style. Natural hair divas that have 4b or 4C hair type should install Bantu knots on damp hair to reduce shrinkage and dryness.

Here is a step by-by guide to getting gorgeous curls with a Bantu knot-out on shorter hair. Perm rods twist outs and bantu knots work well to stretch out 4b coil hair and make it look as long as it really is. This protective style is an easy way to achieve super sleek and defined curls in little time.

23 Cool Bantu Knot Out On Short Natural Hair. This tutorial is suit. The width of these sections depends on the length of your hair and the look.

Curly and kinky hair can be damp but not wet for Bantu knots. Ahead a professional hairstylist weighs in on her all-time favorite hairstyles for type 4b hair including Bantu knots two-strand twists and so much more. I get a super defined and fluffy look on my 4b4c hair.

Hey My Loves Welcome to a new vlog. According to Jenkins tightly coiled 4B hair can experience shrink up to 70 percent. Since 4b hair type is quite delicate in nature the best way to detangle it is with your fingers or a wide toothed comb right after you have washed it as your hair is more pliable when damp.

Thought Bantu knots only worked for shoulder length hair or longer. This is great because you can get a lot of versatile wear out of the style. Having your hair damp also helps with the bantu knot out style because if the hair dries in the bantu knot style it will hold the curly shape when it is taken down.

You have a choice between air drying and blow drying your hair. Pros and Cons of Bantu Knots Pros. While 4B hair typically means Z-shaped curls 4A hair has an S-shaped curl pattern that allows for more defined ringlets.

The PERFECT Bantu Knot Out 4b4c Short Natural Hair Should You Blow Dry or Air Dry Your Knots. Moisturize your hair with your favorite styling product. Perm rods Bantu knots and twistouts work wonders for stretching out 4B coily hair and making it look as long as it truly is.

A great way to keep your strands. Read me read me read me read me read me read me read me read me read me read me read me read me read me read me read me read meso ive never tried bantu knot. Bantu knots are a retro styling technique that involves flaunting tiny buns throughout your mane.

It may help to section your 4B hair in fat twists or chunky braids and using sectioning clips is a life-saver too or atleast a time-saver ha. Stretch out your hair. 4B hair is very similar to 4A and 4C hair but there are a few significant differences between the curl types.

The zigzag pattern of this hair type makes it susceptible to tangles breakage and single-strand knots so be sure to follow the above 4b natural hair care routine to make sure it stays healthy. The 4b natural hair products we suggested above will also ensure youre hair stays beautiful and delicate. A good conditioning treatment is recommended on kinky hair for superb Bantu knots.

Something about that kinky curly course hair Lets look at steps on how to do bantu knots through a picture tutorial posted on A Beautiful Mess. I have worked on this method for 2 years now.

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