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The images should also help you determine it. All of these hair types are different but it is still extremely important to maintain a moisturized hair of head when taking care of them.

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The hair forms a clearly visible curl.

4b hair type pictures. Sep 2 2020 – Do you have 4B hair. Slightly prone to breakage Type 4 hair can be fragile highly porous and can be very fine and wiry. Type 4b hair is often dense and resembles the inner spring of a pen.

What makes type 4C hair stand out though is its coils being much more densely packed. This is a VERY DETAILED NATURAL HAIR VIDEOLearn the differences between natural hair types curl patterns density textures and porosityCOMMENT BELOW your. Type 4b coils have more of a Z-shaped pattern rather than the S-shape.

Just like type 4A hair this type is pretty fragile as well. You can have fine wiry textured hair or rough coarse textured hair. 4B hair is drier and more prone to breakage than 4A so its crucial to use treatments for strength and moisture.

The alphanumeric chart lists hair types based on texture from numbers 1 to 4 with subcategories of A B and C meaning someone can be a 2B while another is a 4C. Everyone has a different situation so its best to go by what your hair agrees with. This distinct feature of type 4C hair makes it prone to extreme dryness and shrinkage.

Using the Naturally Curly Texture Typing System we have curated 20 pictures of 4B hair. Let us take a look at what we mean by 4A 4B and 4C hair types so we can work out which one you have. As a result type 4C hair is the most fragile of all.

These curls are tighter than and not as wide as type 4A hair in diameter. While 4B hair texture has a coarse feeling there are ways in which you should go about caring for and styling this hair type. Since there are so many similarities between the type 4 subcategories it can be difficult to tell what makes 4B different from 4A and 4C.

Even though 4A hair retains moisture better than the other. This hair type has a fluffy cotton-like appearance. 4B hair is second on the list of African American hair types.

4c hair right clumps at the ends and usually shrinks more than 4a and 4b hair. When it comes to texture it can go either way with 4b hair type. When it comes to type 4B hair it resembles tight curls.

Because the coil pattern is so much tighter 4B hair can have up to 70 shrinkage. Solve this by moisturizing x1000 avoiding any styles that can break hair easily and staying away from harsh chemicals. Since the sharp Z-shaped pattern of this hair type acts as a major obstacle for the natural oils from the scalp to travel down the length of the hair the best way to take care of it is to treat it with coconut or castor oil before washing it to retain some.

Type 4B hair bends with really sharp angles and often has a z shape and zigzag like patterns. Here are some examples of what 4B Hair looks like. 4D hair is the type of hair that poets have referenced whenever they spoke about coarse African hair.

What is type 4B hair. In comparison to the 4B fluffy appearance the 4C hair type looks packed together which often makes this hair type most susceptible to dryness. Since 4C is typically the same coil shape as a 4B most women have combinations of 4C and 4B coils on their heads.

Some may notice that their 4B hair texture has a much tighter curl pattern and most experience a drier hair texture. 4A hair is easy to identify since it has a well-defined S shaped pattern when stretched. What Is Type 4A Hair.

While this type of coily hair is soft to the touch it is also more fragile and varies in thickness. Many natural-hair women with 4D hair are mistaken for people with short hair because of the extreme shrinkage their hair experiences. 4b hair seems to have a zig zag pattern.

4B hair feels wiry when touched and it is tightly coiled. No need to fret though as type 4a coilies tend to hold more moisture in their strands than their 4b and 4c counterparts. Take the hair type quiz here.

Like type 4B hair type 4C hair can vary a lot in its texture too from softer to harsher ones. When deciphering between the two I tend to look at the amount of shrinkage and if the hair clumps into coils when wet or dry to tell the difference. Type 4c coily hair is very similar to 4b hair but because there are more z-shaped curls the whole head of hair appears to have a shape think of an afro.

Type 4B hair forms coils that are tighter than type 4A and the curl pattern has more of a crimped zig-zag shape to it. Some even have types from the whole 4 category. 4a hair consists of tightly coiled curls that have the circumference of a crochet needle.

Type 4 hair is the most coil-like and kinky out of the four groups which means it is most prone to shrinkage and frizz. 1 is the straightest.

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