4b Defined Curls

4b hair is drier than other curl types. First they must deal with accepting the idiosyncrasies of their hair after years of chemical treatments and second accept the fact that not everyone will have the same or any curl uniformity better known as clumpage.

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If youve got 4b hair heres a chart in case you need to double check your curls are densely packed and bend at sharp zig-zag angles kind of like the letter Z.

4b defined curls. I need help defining my 4a4b curls. The curls of 4b hair contain sharp angled bends rather than ringlets. Finger coils are one of the best ways to train your curls and enhance your hair texture.

The curls are about as wide as a ballpoint pen If youre looking for some 4b natural hair inspo Willow Smith is a great example of 4b natural hair. Now that we are clear on what each hair texture looks like within type 3 and type 4 lets recap what. The curls are tighter and not as defined as the previous curl types and their.

If your hair isnt cooperating and youre not able to achieve the curl definition of your dreams dont force it. Say goodbye to all your curly hair texture confusions. Hi All This video has been highly requested.

In this video my hair was about 80 d. I only do this process once a week and it takes about 45 -60 min to do. If you have classified your hair as being 4B this means your hair follows a z shape pattern.

Natrually curly type 4 coily hair articles. As defined above her 4b natural hair type is made up of Z-shaped coils that wiry to the touch. There are two problems with this for newly naturals.

4b Curls Instead of curling or coiling your hair bends in sharp angles like the letter Z Breyer says. It feels coarse to touch. It is thick which can make styling this hair a bit challenging when coupled with shrinkage to say the least.

-Ecostyler black castor flaxseed oil gelhttpamznto2y4XpK7Instagram. Welcome back to NaturallyPhilo. Even the new naturalista to the hair game can pull off this process.

FreeGoldLink X Kaytranada Type Beat – -Fi. And if you learn more from video check out this guide to finding your curl type. Hey everyone todays video is all about my updated wash n go routine.

Curly hair has more true curls than wavy hair. BEST Methods To Define Type 4A 4B 4C Hair Curls In Less Than 5minsIn this vidoe I have I compiled different vidoes on how to define your curls activate. Products ListAunti Jackie Curling custard.

Below is a list of the items you will need to create defined curls. Curl definition is one of the first goals a newly natural tries to reach. In this video I demonstrate the best way to define type 4 curls and coils without gel.

Type 4A hair is very fragile and brittle so drowning it in gels loaded with alcohol or poor-quality products is a recipe for breakage and frustration. First you must know that 4b texture definition is coarse and tightly coiled natural hair based on Andre Walkers Black Hair Types hair system. 4b hair is a little less defined than type 3 hair and the texture is hella variedit can range from super-fine spirals to tight coarse curls.

Curls arent the be-all and end-all of natural hair. Finger coiling your hair has got to be the most basic and easy method of achieving well-defined curls for your 3B-4C hair. These strands have very sharp angles making efforts to define curls complicated as these strands are wirier.

What are the best products for 4b hair. We broke down every single curl and natural coil type from 3a 3b and 3c curls to 4a 4b and 4c coils and found the easiest way to style each of them along with the best curl products and. Theres nothing worse than working a curl cream through your hair and feeling the crunch Thankfully the three Bs in this lightweight formulabamboo biotin and basil link up to define your.

I have a TWA 2 12in-3in and just did the Big Chop a little over a week ago. I would like to wear a Wash and Go but when i do it looks crazy because although you can see the corkscrews theres frizzy hair in between. Trust me I feel your pain.

Im able to define my 4a curls but the 4b curls arent cooperating at all. Some say Type 4 hair. Hope you guys enjoy and dont forget to subscribe like and comment for more.

Your hair is extra prone to shrinkage and breakage.

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