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Turn the yellow strand behind the core strands to the left. It is the easiest to conceptually understand.

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In todays hair tutorial I am showing you how to 4 strand braid.

4 strand braid hair. If youve mastered a basic 3-strand braid and want a bit of a challenge add an extra strand. While still holding strand D put it under Strand B. Let me tell you this was an ambitious braid but I broke down the steps and shared my tips to help you easily achieve this hairstyle.

This braid puts a new twist in the comon braid. Continue doing this till you have finished making this beautiful 4-strand ladder braid. Dont worry heres an easy to follow guide to help you create the look for yourself.

It really is easiest to watch the video. This hairstyle with 4 strand braid plaiting is pretty easy to create. Tired of your regular three strand braided hair.

Super Cute 4-Strand Braid Step-by-Step Diagram Included Pinterest. See more ideas about four strand braids hair styles girl hairstyles. There are only 2 steps to learn and once you remember them by heart this is going to be the easiest braid ever.

Put strand D over Strand A. Bring up the yellow strand through the loop of the pink strand. Tutorial for the 4-strand dutch braidMake sure to like comment and subscribeYou can also follow us on Instagram at hairandnailsinspiration.

There is a basic 4 part plait also called flat. Part hair in the middle or in a shallow side part. Yes we are doing the Four Strand Hair Braid.

With a little practice you can master the basics in no time. This is a braid that definitely will get you lots and lots of compliments. Make a flat or round 4-strand braid in several colors and then wrap it around your wrist to make a completely unique bracelet.

Leia Braids Magazine. Then create two four strand braids that pull from the hairline. For a 4-strand round braid move the rightmost strand under the 2 middle strands.

This is a quick and easy guide to making four strand braids – it can be used with braided hair 4 strand paper. In this tutorial I will show you how to braid a 4 strand flat braid the easy wayThis braid is handy for making a variety of items from watch straps thin. A 4-strand braid is a fun and easy alternative to a traditional 3-strand braid.

Mar 26 2016 – Explore Hair For Gs board Four Strand Braids followed by 105 people on Pinterest. Method 2 for a 4-Strand Braid. This hairstyle reminds me of something you would see on the runway during NYFW.

How to do a 4 strand braid or 4 strand plait. It may sound a little complicated when you hear the name of this hairstyle. Start off by section your hair into 4 part as shown below.

Hair 4 Strand Braid Tutorial September 29 2017. Continue each to the nape one at a time and then secure together. It takes a few things to get the hang of it but after that it is not hard at all.

How to make a plait with four strands step by step instructions. You can make this style of braiding very quickly and it will look really great no matter what you end up doing. The most common round braids use 4 or 8 strands.

How to make a 4 Strand Braid or Plait. This braid looks unique and will have people asking how you did your cool 4 strand braid. As the name suggests 4-strand braid works similarly to a classic 3-strand braid except that you are working with 4 strands.

Step 1 Line up your 4 strands. A 4 strand braid looks really difficult to do but they are actually quite simple to do. Get strand D and put it over Strand C.

Learning how to 4-strand braid is very simple and it can be done with a little bit of practice. Adding in the fourth strand creates a different more multi-dimensional look for your braid. This 4 strand braid is perfect for T-shirt yarn turn it into Friendship Bracelets hair bands or as bag straps.

But will also explain the process below. Braids Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair Up Dos 16 Trendy Ideas hair wedding hairstyles braids. However the result of such a 4 piece braid can differ all depends on the way you interweave the strands during the braiding process.

Secure the end of your material to a flat work surface with a piece of tape. Once you get the hang of working with 4 strands of yarn ribbon or leather youll be surprised at how easy it is to create a complex-looking braid. Pull the strands taut to tighten the knot.

Apr 9 2017 – HOW-TO. The whole process is very relaxing and it can be great for relaxing around the house or getting outdoors. How to braid with four strands.

The outer right strands are woven over and under the strands next to them going from right to left and the outer left strands are woven under and then under the strands to the right of them. Kick it up a notch with another strand and it will make a significant difference. To start your braid pick your colors and tie your strands together at the end in a simple overhand knot.

First of all lets define what 4 strand braid types exist.

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