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For a full list of pros and cons read Should You Detangle Wet or. Moisture is crucial for 3c hair and it could mean the difference between having beautifully defined curls or dry frizz.

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If you have Type 4 hair you should expect to see upwards of 50 shrinkage as it dries.

3c hair wet and dry. The formula which works on dry or wet hair BTW calls on three oilscoconut jojoba and. They are also stretchy. In this video I use Damaged Hair Solution Mask from NaturAll Club and Moisture Foudation from Especially.

Rinse off the conditioner after an hour. On clean sopping-wet hair I just rake and scrunch a quarter-size squeeze through my flipped-over sopping-wet hair then immediately plop for 20 minutes and air-dry. Keeping your hair hydrated will also lead to healthier longer hair.

The first ingredient in this product is corn oil. If your hair does not clump into a consistent pattern while wet then you do not have natural curl definition and that is fine. Apply it to the entire length.

Give it a closer look when hair is wet and dried. Many 3c naturals say heat damages their hair so you should keep flat iron usage to a minimum. Take note of how long it is while wet then let it dry.

But to show them off in all their glory you could go in with a dollop of curl defining cream and fluff out your curls with a hair pick to give them some more gorgeous definition. Please Subscribe like and shareIG. I learned a great deal from it.

Hello beautiful queensIn this video you will see the difference between the wet and dry looks for the Kinky Coily Hair from Natural Girl WigsLIKE SHARE. The best thing about this hydrating hair oil from Mizani is that it can be used on any hair texture. Put your hair up in a bun and let the conditioner rest.

Skip the shampoo or wash your hair with conditioner co-washing if your hair is dry. 4A hair has a cork-screw texture that retains moisture well but is still prone to dryness. If your curls look like LaĆ­ss here who has some looser 3B textures mixed in with her 3C reach for a rich curl cream and gently scrunch it into your wet hair working section by section to.

While letting your hair soak in conditioner brush your hair with a Wet brush or a detangling brush. 4A hair has an S shape and is tightly coiled. Its Hannah Mussette and today I am attempting to do the Wet Look on my THICCCC 4a3c hair WAS IT A FLOP OR WAS IT HOT.

You do not have curl definition. 3C hair is the curliest that hair can get without stepping into dry delicate kinky territory. With curly or textured hair the first day always begins with a good washing.

It is tighter than 3C hair though the two get mixed up more often than not. There are those who prefer to detangle dry while the hair is stronger and less elastic. Type 3C hair has springs that are smaller and more tightly.

Choose a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that removes oils and grease without stripping the curl of crucial nourishment. Here is how I hydrate my long naturally curly hair. These cylindrical coils are quite defined and are the width of a pencil.

Thanks so much for writing this article. There is a difference between someone whose hair does not clump versus someone who has frizz. There is nothing wrong with.

If your 3c hair is hella dry or has a mix of tighter high-porosity textures opt for this coconut- and almond-based hair oil which both penetrates and seals your hair cuticle to deeply. I use MIMOSA HAIR HONEY FOR DRY BRITTLE TEXTURED HAIR by Carols daughter as the oil part in the LOC method and I love the way it makes my three hair textures feel. While this can work for minor knots and tangles it is important to be extra gentle when detangling dry hair as the strands can snap and the cuticle can be damaged due to lack of flexibility.

My hair is 2c 3A and 3B. Try a rich leave-in conditioner that can be applied on damp or dry hair. If you have Type 3 hair you can expect to lose around 25 of your length as it dries.

Wet vs dry hairWe all know it takes about 450000 hours for natural hair to dry But the results are oh so worth it If you would like to see how I got th. The best thing about 3c curls is that once youve successfully locked down on a hair care regime you can simply wash your hair let it dry and be good to go. The best way to determine your hair type is after washing while its still wet.

2 Best Hair Gel for Wash and Gos. Frizzy 3b hair exists just like defined 4c hair exists.

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